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'My son would have been deeply offended to know his death would be used to promote gun control'

‘My son would have been deeply offended to know his death would be used to promote gun control’; Officer Talley’s dad speaks on King Soopers shooting
by: Dara Bitler
BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — Homer Talley, the father of officer Eric Talley, who was killed in the line of duty during a shooting at King Soopers on Monday, spoke with TMZ about his stance on guns.
Officer Talley’s father said his son was a staunch 2nd Amendment guy and he believes his son would hate to see his death used to promote gun control, according to TMZ.
His father also said Talley was a strong advocate for gun rights, and had an AR-15 he often used for target practice. He said he has seen the debate erupt over reforming gun laws, and although this tragedy cost him his son, he doesn’t blame gun access and doesn’t think Eric would either, according to TMZ.
Talley told TMZ, “My son would have been deeply offended to know his death would be used to promote gun control. Before he was an officer, he enjoyed shooting.”
FOX31 spoke to Talley’s father hours after he was identified as the fallen officer in the shooting.
“He was a man of heart who loved his job,” Homer Talley said. He described Talley as someone who loved his family as he leaves behind seven children ranging in age from 7 years old to 20 years old.

Arvada gun shop says it sold firearm to suspect in Boulder King Soopers shooting after background ch

Arvada gun shop says it sold firearm to suspect in Boulder King Soopers shooting after background check
Boulder's Police chief says a semi-automatic Ruger AR-556 purchased in Arvada was used in the grocery store attack that left 10 people dead.


“We are absolutely shocked by what happened and our hearts are broken for the victims and families that are left behind,” John Mark Eagleton, owners of Eagles Nest Armory, said in a statement first reported by 9News. “Ensuring every sale that occurs at our shop is lawful, has always been and will always remain the highest priority for our business.”

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, lived not far from the Eagles Nest Armory. The Colorado Sun called the store on Wednesday to ask if it had ever sold Alissa a weapon and a person who answered the phone said they weren’t commenting “at this time.”

Eagleton on Friday did not say when his store sold a gun to Alissa.

Police say Alissa purchased an AR-556 firearm six days before the shooting. The gun is a smaller version of the popular AR-15 rifle.

On Friday morning Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold said a semi-automatic Ruger AR-556 was used in the Boulder shooting and that it was purchased legally in Arvada. It is not clear whether the weapon the suspect purchased at the Eagles Nest Armory is the one used in the attack. Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty, when directly asked Friday if the AR-556 used the attack was purchased at Eagles Nest, declined to say.

“We have and will continue to fully cooperate with law enforcement as their investigation continues,” Eagleton said in his written statement

Bang Bang Boebert has a challenger


My sister died of Covid this morning.

She did not survive the Trump administration. This motherfucker's lack of everything on Covid killed my favorite sister. She was 72, in good health otherwise with two children and three grandchildren. She got sick around Christmas and was sick in varying degrees until she went on a ventilator and never came off.

Florida firefighter who stormed Capital arrested


Crow calls for answers from Army Secretary


Colorado Governor Polis issues state wide Stay at Home order.

Just received the text message on my phone.
From Colorado Public Radio:

Gov. Jared Polis issued a statewide “stay home” order Wednesday, requiring the state’s 5.7 million residents to avoid unnecessary travel or mingling with others outside their households.

Polis, who had resisted taking the dramatic step even as cities, counties and local health departments in metro Denver issued similar orders before him, said he was persuaded that a statewide approach was necessary as the coronavirus continued to spread throughout the population.

“Now is the time to stay at home,” Polis said.

Similar to the county-level and regional orders that had been issued by others, Polis’s order will allow grocery stores, liquor stores, gas stations and other businesses considered essential to remain open. Customers may visit those as long as they maintain social distancing, staying 6 feet away from people not from their households.

The order takes effect Thursday and lasts through April 11.

Polis has also requested a major disaster declaration for Colorado from President Donald Trump, which would allow for additional federal aid to arrive in the state.

“I call upon President Trump to grant this immediately,” Polis said.


After Democratic presidential contenders duked it out over two nights of debates, former Vice
President Joseph Biden hits his lowest number yet in the Democratic primary race with 22
percent of the vote among Democrats and Democratic leaners, virtually tied with California Sen.
Kamala Harris who has 20 percent of the vote. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren follows at
14 percent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is at 13 percent, and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg
gets 4 percent, according to a Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pea-ack) University National Poll released
today. No other candidate tops 3 percent.


Mueller drew up obstruction indictment against Trump, Michael Wolff book claims


A new book from Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff says special counsel Robert Mueller drew up a three-count obstruction of justice indictment against Donald Trump before deciding to shelve it – an explosive claim which a spokesman for Mueller flatly denied.

The stunning revelation is contained in Siege: Trump Under Fire, which will be published a week from now, on 4 June. It is the sequel to Fire and Fury, Wolff’s bestseller on the first year of the Trump presidency which was published in 2018.

The Guardian obtained a copy of Siege and viewed the documents concerned.

In an author’s note, Wolff states that his findings on the Mueller investigation are “based on internal documents given to me by sources close to the Office of the Special Counsel”.

But Peter Carr, a spokesman for Mueller, told the Guardian: “The documents that you’ve described do not exist.”

Julian Assange hit with 18 federal charges in new indictment

A federal grand jury has indicted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on 18 felony charges for his alleged involvement in the 2010 leak of classified documents by Chelsea Manning, the Justice Department announced Thursday.

The superseding indictment includes 17 new counts under the Espionage Act, in addition to one charge that had been unsealed after Assange was arrested by in London in April. Each count carries a maximum sentence of between five and 10 years if convicted.

"The superseding indictment alleges that Assange was complicit with Chelsea Manning, a former intelligence analyst in the U.S. Army, in unlawfully obtaining and disclosing classified documents related to the national defense," the department said in a statement.

The department said Assange "engaged in real-time discussions regarding Manning's transmission of classified records to Assange" and "actively encouraged" Manning to hack into a military computer network. WikiLeaks published hundreds of thousands of State Department cables, documents related to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and other sensitive material.

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