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Member since: Mon Aug 18, 2014, 11:31 AM
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If TPP is allegedly a "Progressive Deal," why is there no free movement of people?

I mean if Capital is allowed to freely flow, why not labor to freely flow as well? It seems odd this is now being called a "progressive deal," with its many terrible aspects but it seems a lot could be done to help Labor if labor was free to chase higher wages just as Capital is free to chase cheaper labor.

Millennials Don't Exist! Adam Conover at Deep Shift Adam Conover

I think this is a fairly interesting video considering everyone and their mother fretting over how we will vote.

Hillary Clinton Promises A More Muscular Foreign Policy As President

WASHINGTON — In the lead-up to the 2008 presidential election, Hillary Clinton’s vote to authorize the Iraq War six years before haunted her on the campaign trail. It put her in stark contrast with then-Senator Barack Obama, who touted his foresight in opposing the ill-fated war. But if Clinton was scarred by the perception that her foreign policy agenda is too hawkish for the Democratic Party, she showed no signs of it Wednesday morning in a speech detailing her plan to counter Iran after the implementation of the nuclear deal.

While Clinton was instrumental in paving the road for the nuclear negotiations with Iran in 2012 and supports the accord reached between Iran, the U.S., and five world powers in July, she made clear on Wednesday at the Brookings Institution that she does not view the agreement as marking a shift in U.S.-Iranian relations.

“I don’t believe Iran is our partner in this agreement. Iran is the subject of the agreement,” Clinton said, using rhetoric that notably contrasts with that of the Obama administration, which has been consistenly cautious about not upsetting Iran.


See, since we won't have college, or jobs, she will ensure there will be plenty of wars going on for us all to fight in. So I guess Hillary has a full employment plan after all..... We all get to kill us some Syrians! I wonder if she will raise the pay for your average soldier?

Is this election going to be about ethnic groups stabbing at one another?

I am just curious if that is the precise road we actually want to go down. I am just saying the pandora's box of ethnic resentment and hatred is kind of a dangerous can of worms and it seems some of the talking points about Hillary Clinton (A Wealthy White lady with an English Surname) who some of the posters here is making out to be someone who personally passed the Civil Rights act (even though she was a gold water girl while Bernie actually WAS involved in those events as a protester at least) but that is besides the point.

Isn't that a tad dangerous though? To make this election purely about race? I mean isn't that kind of Trump's game? Are we sure we want to up the ante on that one?

I am just saying if we are going to criticize Trump for it, doesn't that make us a tad hypocritical to be basically adding fuel to that fire?

Could Hillary actually beat Trump?

This may be a low turn out election, one in which those outside of Party Diehards look and see it as a "lesser of two evils," election. In a lesser of two evils election, the wind is at the back of those with the most loyal and fanatical base. Hillary will likely limp her way to a nomination, but that is a weak showing for someone with 100% institutional backing, plausibly rigging in her favor, and constant favorable coverage, and every possible advantage one could imagine and she still is doing poorly and may go into a contested convention.

Trump will have an outright win, A base that loves him, for whatever reason, and with independents disliking Hillary as well as Trump it is unlikely many will vote.

My prediction is that this will be a low turnout election with most people considering this a lesser of two evils election. Bernie brought a lot of independents to his cause, but with the way he has been treated by Hillary and Hillary supporters most will likely just not vote. Some might go spite and vote Trump, but I scoff at the notion. Some Republicans might switch, but that is a tad like Trump hoping Bernie supporters will switch out of hate for Hillary. Republicans disasitisfied with Trump will more likely not vote then vote Hillary.

There will be simply a GOTV, and for all of Trump being hated he has managed to crush it in the GOP primary and gain phenomenal votes for such a reviled character. The GE will be decided by who can actually rally voters. Do people hate Trump enough to ignore their dislike of Hillary? George W. Bush was hated as well, reviled, but Kerry did not become president. In elections with unlikable candidates the wind is always at the back of the guy whose base is utterly devoted and fanatical. Considering Hillary's weak showing this primary, can she actually muster activists? The GE won't be her favor, it won't be just registered Democrats voting with occasional Independents giving input in some states.

So Hillary Clinton is Anti-Gun?

I thought her big selling point was centrism, middle of the road politics that appeals to conservatives?

I mean, does her southern voters know she now is anti-Gun?

Henry Kissinger is the main reason Hillary should never be president,

In the end she did say he was who she would listen to, that foul demon who will get countless killed for his own ambitions.

The idea that Hillary would bring anything progressive except progressing people into corpses is beyond me.

Make no mistake, Hillary will oil up the war machine, Bernie will at least try not to.

Is the Clinton Campaign really aiming for a Pyrrhic Victory?

With her campaign now vowing scorched earth against Bernie Sanders, and to 'unify the party later,' are they out of their political minds or what is happening?

There is no way this is the strategy of a confident winner with an insurmountable lead, or this is the ravings of a campaign manager turned lunatic.

If she adopts this strategy she may yet claim the nomination, but mark my words, the Democrats will be doomed come GE time. This is a strategy with about the most short term egotistical methodology under the sun.

Why are Hillary supporters worried?

With Superdelegates being a thing not tied to voter will, and most of them vowing to vote Hillary, and likely enough to make her the nominee no matter WHAT HAPPENS, why do any of you care if Bernie wins a sweep of every state from here on out. Even if he wins the majority of delegates you know the party will give it to Hillary right?

Since millennial voters are absolutely worthless to the DNC? What is the DNC's future?

If the legions of pro-Hillary threads have taught me anything its that the Youth Vote is clearly trash and totally garbage and all our ideas are stupid, also we are sluts and going to hell if we happen to be female.

So my question, what is the future of the DNC? Wasn't there a lot of hope that all these left leaning youth will make the DNC triumphant as the GOP's mostly aged base dies off?
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