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Member since: Wed Aug 20, 2014, 10:39 AM
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2 guys standing with a tiny knife in their hand, one is Mitt Romney's son, the other

is a Black man in a poor part of town.

Both move to the magical 20 foot mark with this tiny knife in their hand that you can barely see, one is gunned down and killed instantly, the other?

I Have $500,000,000,000,000 that says there are NO two cops, who shoot the white rich kid especially if his daddy is known to them. Every possible way to disarm him would be tried first.

I dont actually have that much money, but I know I am right.

We arm our police so they can kill anyone who they fell is a threat to THEM, not to us necessarily, TO THEM.

Wake up stupid people, you will be the target someday ...

You white folks might be relying on the fact that many other white folks especially cops see BLACK people as not as human as you are, not as valuable as you are, not really a total human being, but someday your financial status will be enough to devalue you as well.

Bob McCulloch, what a racist punk

He cant wait to NOT pursue a vigorous prosecution of the murderer and he is going to FLIP OFF the AA community on purpose.

Jesus, what a piece of shit.

Bob McDonnell, typical republican, blaming his wife for his illegal acts...


The defense’s strategy so far has involved casting the couple’s marriage — and Maureen McDonnell, especially — as a mess.

Is there any depth a republican wont sink?

Ask your friends, family and coworkers what they think of Michael Brown's shooting...

Be prepared to hear a lot of "who?"

I am going to make a guess here, something like 10% of Americans know about Brown or how the Koch Bros are targeting our government and schools and middle class for extinction, etc.

But as to Robin Williams, I venture to guess 90% of Americans know (and should, I loved Robin and miss him terribly but I am making a point)

So go ahead for today everybody, lets find out what percentage of America is clueless.

Report back here.

Ask people what they think about what is happening in MO...just that one question

(just googled his name, FOX is lying and saying cop was badly beaten, will Rupert take responsibility for a civil war that burns down the entire country? can we send him the bill?)
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