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Legal beagles... What qualifies as incitement...? a la "Burn this b**** down...

My layman understanding is that it has to be an immediate and direct incitement to action. IOW, you can't talk about what you might do next Tuesday...

Where would Michael Brown's stepfather's statements fall into that with his whole "Burn this b**** down" statement in the large group that he was in. If it could be shown that folks from that group immediately left and then proceeded to set fires could there be a case?

When the grand jurors identities are released...

... and they will be...

Should they be prepared to take security precautions?

Chief: Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson ‘immediately’ returns if cleared in Michael Brown's death

Criminal charges would ‘most likely’ result in firing, he says

The Ferguson police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown will be “immediately” returned to active duty if he is not indicted, Chief Tom Jackson told Yahoo News on Friday. Officer Darren Wilson has been on paid leave since the controversial shooting in early August.

He would come back to a “not yet determined assignment,” the chief writes in an email. If the grand jury charges Wilson, Jackson said the officer would “most likely” be terminated “if it is a felony.”


Cursing in court gets you 120 days... fair?

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