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No, Trump, Canadians do not flee en masse for US health care

Source: VOX

(They also) tracked Canadians' behaviors by examining data from the National Population Health Survey, where 18,000 Canadians were asked if they sought medical treatment in the US. "Only 90 of those 18,000 Canadians had received care in the United States; only 20 of them had done so electively."

Read more: http://www.vox.com/2016/10/9/13222798/canadians-seeking-medical-care-us-trump-debate

Hey Trump keep our country's name out of your lying mouth.

Maybe Trumps' rich Canadian friends ( yes we have them also) can afford to fly into the U.S. and pay big money for immediate healthcare on a whim, but the majority of Canadians stay home and use our hard fought for single payer system.

FYI: some links about our system ( 50 years old this year )


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