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Koch Ebola

Profile Information

Name: Steve Amodeo
Gender: Male
Hometown: Fairfax District California 90036
Home country: United States of America
Current location: Palm Springs
Member since: Mon Sep 8, 2014, 02:19 PM
Number of posts: 445

About Me

political comic and social comedian. Music critic

Journal Archives

California Earthquake!!!!

48 years ago on this day was the San Fernando/Sylmar
Earthquake. Do you remember that day?

I am the Van Gogh of Rock & Roll

Only the lonely know
only the lost know
How to fill this hole....
Click below....


Carl Ogleby. Obscure 60's folk singer.

Meet Carl Oglesby: for 2 years he was the big wheel at SDS. He ran for vice president as a candidate for the Peace & Freedom Party. He was a writer and folk singer. He was kind of similar to me. Like Him, he released only one album in his life. Here is a cut from his 1969 L.P. It’s very Dylan-esque.

This song is for people who hate the Super Bowl

I don’t know about you but I hate the Super bowl. To me it represents the worse in our plastic society US of A. With all that consumption of shit food and the objectification of women “Cheerleaders” The overprice tickets and the glorification of advertisements in half time. The over paid football players give each other brain damage. I say we go back and feed the Christians to the Lions. Just kidding.
In 1981 I wrote song called: I hate sports. Here it is….

50 years ago this album changed the face of Rock & Roll

Brothers and sisters, I wanna see a sea of hands out there, let me see a sea of hands. I want everybody to kick up some noise, I want to hear some revolution out there brothers, I wanna hear a little revolution. Brothers and sisters, the time has come for each and every one of you to decide whether you are gonna be the problem or whether you are gonna be the solution. You must choose brothers, you must choose. It takes five seconds, five seconds of decision, five seconds to realize your purpose here on the planet. It takes five seconds to realize that it’s time to move, it’s time to get down with it. Brothers, it’s time to testify and I want to know, are you ready to testify, are you ready, I give you a testimonial …” The MC5!!!!
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Here is a song about Venezuela

Trump wants to start some type of war there.

Where did the phrase "Fake News" come from?

It was the label critics gave to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I know this is trivial but a lot of people think Trump created this phrase.


Check out my Blog.


Have you ever had your DNA analyzed?

Well I had...read all about it.


The late Swami X of venice beach So-cal.

This is about street comic.
Click below


Early rock history (1950's)

Los Angeles had more recording studios in 1950's than other place in the USA. This studio was across the street from my old high school in Los Angeles.
Read all about it.

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