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Koch Ebola

Profile Information

Name: Steve Amodeo
Gender: Male
Hometown: Fairfax District California 90036
Home country: United States of America
Current location: Palm Springs
Member since: Mon Sep 8, 2014, 02:19 PM
Number of posts: 443

About Me

political comic and social comedian. Music critic

Journal Archives

Art Kunkin The publisher of the Los Angeles Free Press has past away.

On April 30th Joshua Tree California, Art Kunkin died at the age of 91.
I wrote a tribute to him. He founded the Los Angeles Free Press in 1963.
The paper covered the Anti-war movement, The Hippie movement, student activism,Farm Workers movement
The Gay Liberation movement, The Black Panther Party and many, many other issues in the 60's and 70's.
Click below.


The Blue Magoos got to get away

Got to get away: 1966. Blues Magoos. Iíll tell you what, I learned the word Psychedelic from these teens from the Bronx New York. Their debut album was called: Psychedelic lollipop. They didnít look like Hippies. They had that Carnaby Street Mod look. This garage band made a dent in the charts with ďWe aint got nothing yetĒ. For the likes of me, I couldn't figure why they didnít become a huge band? I bought the single, then the L.P. I loved their version of Gloria. Now on the flip side of ďWe got nothing yetĒ was a gem called: Got to get away. This song was the first time I heard the sound effect of Echo-Plex. By using this sound effect they made this blues song into an early acid rock classic.
The Bee side #4

Have you been Cheating? Eric Burdon knows

Cheating: The Animals April 1966. This was a rare moment when I thought the B-side was better than the A- Side. Donít bring me down was a good song not a great song. Cheating was one of the first foundations of Heavy Metal. Remember, I said foundation. Itís structured the same way a metal song. After I heard once, it was in my head all day.
The Bee side #3


Question: Do you beive in Magic? Answer: Yes!!

On the road again: Lovin Spoonful. July 1965. Do you believe in Magic: was a popular song on the radio. Urban legend has it, the spoonful were on their last dollar and had only one hour of recording time. It was a 4-track machine. They rehearsed the song the day before and they nailed it. To their surprise, the song became a smash hit. The flip side was a song they recorded on a reel-to-reel tape-recorded. I might be wrong, so donít quote me. On this song, they had fun making it. The band had a streak of humor. The music is Chuck Berry inspired. Isnít most songs? The sound quality is kind of muddy. On the Bee Side #2

Hey Boomers! Did you like the B-Side of singles?

Milk Cow Norman Greenbaum.1969. When I was a kid I bought 45 R.M.P 6 Inch records. I loved them for the reason they had the song I wanted. I really loved it when they had a picture sleeve (A.K.A) the jacket. They would have photos of the band or a reproduction of the artistís album. There were the A side and a B Side. The A side would be the hit song and the B Side would be a throw away song. The Beatles and Sometimes the Rolling Stones would have hit on both sides. A prime example was 1967 Beatles 45, Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane. Most singles had throwaway songs. I am going to do series called: On the Bee side. I will upload they were on the flipside of a 45. This particular song was on the flip side of Norman Greenbaum's only hit song: Spirit in the shy. Enjoy On the bee side #1

Do you remember this 1969 song? Spirit in the sky.

50 years ago this one hit wonder song was on the airways.
Norman Greenbaum was his name. Iíll bet you forgot his name.
Read all it about in my Blog.

A love song to Nancy Pelosi

I like to recycle my songs. Here is one from 11 years ago.


Remember the Paul Is Dead rumor?

It was 50 years ago when the Paul is dead rumors started to spread around. Where it was a hoax or true, it was the most imaginative conspiracy theory ever created, plus it was entertaining. I stop being a conspiracy nut a year ago because people look at you at an askance and think you need psychiatric help. If it is a right wing conspiracy theory, people will kind of believe you with great reservation, but left wing conspiracy theories? Call the cookie truck to haul you away to the funny farm but the Beatles conspiracy theory? SureÖwhy not? No harm in that.
I remember the radio shows about it and the underground papers articles about it. I think there was T.V shows about it. My wife has a special edition of a magazine called: Paul is Dead. After hearing Paulís music in the 70ís I think it was true, Paul is dead. Here is a video about it.

A nostalgic look at a independent food stand in my neighborhood

People are more drawn to small businesses as to opposed to big franchises. Click on link for more details.

A video about ADD/ADHA

A interesting look of this disorder..or is this really a disorder? Check out this book. https://www.amazon.com/Thom-Hartmanns-Complete-Guide-ADHD/dp/1887424520
Here is the video
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