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Koch Ebola

Profile Information

Name: Steve Amodeo
Gender: Male
Hometown: Fairfax District California 90036
Home country: United States of America
Current location: Palm Springs
Member since: Mon Sep 8, 2014, 01:19 PM
Number of posts: 411

About Me

political comic and social comedian. Music critic

Journal Archives

This is a satire on right wing radio


Here is a satire about conservative radio


Martian work ethic

Martian work ethic

By Stephen Jay Morris

A sweaty face reveals no tears.
No doctor offers any cures.
You are condemned to hard labor.
Every break you savor.
Digging a ditch in the desert sun.
It will be sunset when you’re done.
The boss man tells you…
Pick up the pace.
The project must be done,
In posthaste.
You try to ignore the heat.
You dream about…
Living on Easy street.

Watch your behavior.
They devalue your labor.
You handle the shovel
And dig the earth.
You question your life.
You regret your birth.
You back hurts.
But you act nonchalant.
Nobody knows
-That you are an idiot savant.
You are too stupid to be
-A doctor lawyer.
You too fragile-
-Too be a destroyer
You don’t care-
-About starting your own business.
Your ship hits the isthmus.
There is no immunity,
-In this land of opportunity.

Life is hectic : When you got the Martian work ethic.

Reward and punishment

My poetic screed against social engineering


My car got tagged!

If should you ever have the displeasure finding your car spray painted with graffiti, you know how infuriating it is. This is my feeling about it. the last paragraph, i explain how to clean it up without going to a car detail er and spending a whole lot of cash. They will rip you off. Go to my blog now.

No such thing as: Americanism.

Speaking of old media? I have a old alarm/radio clock by my bed. When laying down to relax, I turn it on and listen to local talk shows on the A.M ban. A.M radio is dominated by Conservative talk shows. the fact that nobody listens to the radio anymore unless you are part of a certain demographic. which is less 7% of the population. What burns my bacon is the half-truths and outright lies they broadcast.
the message is usually typical think tank talking points and phrases they expound. One phrase they usually is : American Exceptional ism. I researched this phrase and this my findings
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