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Profile Information

Name: John
Gender: Male
Hometown: Flagstaff, AZ.
Home country: USA
Current location: On our small farm.
Member since: Mon Sep 22, 2014, 09:56 PM
Number of posts: 9,951

About Me

U.S. Army veteran/retired, now living in the Flagstaff, AZ. area with my wife, we own and run a small farm. Avid hunters and target shooters, we believe in GLBT rights, social equality, single payer, etc. We\'re also strong defenders of ALL rights.

Journal Archives

Despite what Michael Bloomberg says, Maine should allow open carry

With half-truths and outright lies, billionaire Michael Bloomberg is heading north to meddle with the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding people in Maine.

Bloomberg’s goal is to force his gun-control agenda on Americans one state at a time. His target is LD 652, the constitutional carry bill sponsored by state Sen. Eric Brakey, R-Auburn.

In Maine, it is legal to openly carry a firearm without a permit. But under current law, if a man’s firearm is covered by a coat or a woman prefers to carry her gun in a purse, he or she is required to obtain a concealed carry handgun license. LD 652 simply extends the Maine open carry permitting guidelines to those who wish to carry a firearm for protection concealed.

So why is billionaire Bloomberg targeting this common-sense legislation for defeat? The answer is simple. It is part of his long-term objective to take away your Second Amendment rights and curtail our freedom


I think this is a reasonable tweak to Maine's law, but of course, Bloomberg has to interfere with his anti gun crusade.

Concealed carry classes see attendance spike as new gun law looms

EL PASO, Texas -- The owner of a local business that provides training and certification for people to carry a gun said about twice as many people come to classes in the past couple of months.

Sam Morgan owns El Paso Concealed Carry and teaches certification classes. He said the business usually sees about 20 people go through classes a month.

"We've had 42 students that came through for the month of April and approximately 40 the prior month," Morgan said.

Morgan said the increase could be because of potential sweeping changes to gun regulations in Texas.


While I don't really think open carry is a good idea, I've got to wonder how many new applicants will start to conceal carry.

Shopper guilty in tackling of man with gun at Walmart

Tampa, Florida -- A 43-year-old man was found guilty of tackling another man who was legally carrying a firearm in a Walmart, in a case caught by surveillance video.

A jury found Michael Foster guilty of battery on Tuesday. His sentencing is scheduled for May 7.

Foster was charged after he tackled Clarence Daniels, 62, of Seffner, as he entered the Walmart on Causeway Boulevard in Brandon on Jan. 20. Daniels has a concealed carry permit, according to a release from the Council on Islamic-American Relations that represented Daniels.

Foster followed Daniels into the store, shouted, "He's got a gun," as he tackled him. Daniels said he had a permit, but Daniels continued to hold him in a chokehold.


What, Wut? I thought that those with CHL's were just itching to pull their gun and shoot someone.
Guess Clarence Daniels didn't get the memo.

This moron is lucky to be alive, Clarence Daniels would've been fully justified in defending himself.

Quick question.

How many DU'er's either hunt, or don't have a problem with hunting as long as the animal is used for food?

Adam Gadahn, American mouthpiece for al Qaeda, killed

(CNN)—He was known as the American mouthpiece of al Qaeda, speaking against his native country on behalf of a terrorist organization that's devoted blood and resources to attacking it.

But not anymore.

The White House announced Thursday that Adam Gadahn, 36, was killed in January in a U.S. government counterterrorism operation. Neither he nor Ahmed Farouq -- another U.S. citizen and al Qaeda operative who died in what the White House said was "likely a separate" operation -- was specifically targeted, according to the statement.


I'm saddened by the deaths of the 2 hostages, but I'll cheer the death of this POS traitor.
Good fucking riddance.

Rolling Stone to Retract Botched Rape Story as Damning Review Is Released (Report)


The author of Rolling Stone's discredited "A Rape on Campus" story, Sabrina Rubin Erderly, will apologize Sunday in conjunction with the release of the Columbia Journalism School's external review of the erroneous story, according to media reports.

Rolling Stone will also pull the story from its site and put Columbia's review in its place, Brian Stelter reported Sunday on CNN's "Reliable Sources." The decision to take the story down is a fairly unprecedented step in the digital media era.

The reportedly 12,000-word review is expected to be a damning piece that places fault in all corners of Rolling Stone for errors made in the reporting and storytelling process for the campus rape story, published in November. Rolling Stone will also be taking responsibility for its errors, Stelter reported.

The review will be authored by Columbia Journalism School Dean Steve Coll. It is expected to be published on the Columbia Journalism Review's website as well as on Rolling Stone's site.

About time, this was a clusterfuck from the get go.

Christie pardons Shaneen Allen on all charges

Gov. Chris Christie (R) has granted a pardon to Shaneen Allen, the Philadelphia mother who was arrested for carrying a gun in New Jersey even though she was licensed in Pennsylvania.

Gov. Chris Christie signs an order giving Shaneen Allen a full pardon.

Allen, 27, has been “cleared of all criminal charges and indictments arising from the arrest” in Hamilton Township in Atlantic County on Oct. 1, 2013. Allen was arrested in Hamilton Township after telling a state trooper she had a gun and a concealed carry permit issued in Pennsylvania. New Jersey does not recognize other states’ gun licenses and faced a mandatory three-year jail sentence.

“We’re very happy about that, obviously,” her attorney, Evan Nappen told the Press of Atlantic City upon hearing of the pardon.

“This ends a vulgar chapter in an endless series of shameful episodes where political opportunists seek nothing but their own advantage. I compliment Gov. Christie for doing the right thing,” Executive vice president of the National Rifle Association Wayne LaPierre said in an email to Breibart News


Well, Kudos for Christie for doing one of the very few right things he's done so far.

New Kansas Law Will Allow Concealed Carry Without Gun Permit or Training

A bill signed Thursday by Gov. Sam Brownback will allow residents in Kansas to carry concealed firearms without a permit or training.

Kansans aged 21 or older will be permitted to carry concealed guns starting July 1 when the law takes effect, even if they’re not trained or don’t have a permit, the Kansas City Star reports. That will make the state one of six to allow “constitutional carry.”

Anyone who would like to carry a concealed gun in any of the three dozen states that accept Kansas permits must go through training, a requirement that Brownback emphasized. But even with regard to Kansans, who won’t be required to go through training, he acknowledged that his youngest son had “got a lot out of” a hunter safety course recently and urged others “to take advantage of that.”

“We’re saying that if you want to do that in this state, then you don’t have to get the permission slip from the government,” Brownback said. “It is a constitutional right, and we’re removing a barrier to that right.”


Personally, I think training should be a reqirement for a CHL, but there doesn't seem to be a problem in the 5 other states, including mine, that allow for permit-less carry, despite the usual voices proclaiming that there will........................?

This Is Where Likely 2016 Voters Draw The Line On Gun Rights - HuffPo

X-posted from the other group.

WASHINGTON -- A vast majority of likely 2016 voters oppose legislation that would allow gun owners to carry their concealed weapons without a permit, according to a new national poll released Wednesday.

The poll, shared first with The Huffington Post and conducted on behalf of Everytown for Gun Safety, a coalition of gun control groups, was done to assess public attitudes toward carrying concealed weapons. The issue is a timely one, as three state legislatures -- in West Virginia, Kansas and Montana -- are considering rolling back some of their permit requirements.

Everytown found that 88 percent of likely 2016 voters oppose concealed carry without a permit, and 57 percent of voters said they would be less likely to support a candidate who voted to allow concealed carry without a permit.

The poll did find that a majority of voters support allowing concealed carry in public, with the strongest support among Republicans, conservatives and rural voters. While the issue of concealed carry did produce some cleavages -- 62 percent of white voters support it, while majorities of African-American and Latino voters do not -- what wasn't controversial was the concept that one must obtain a permit to carry. Even 80 percent of Republicans and 80 percent of gun owners opposed concealed carry without a permit.

Everytown Chief Strategy Officer Brina Milikowsky told HuffPost that the group's polling results made it "overwhelmingly clear" that Americans "strongly oppose" concealed carry without any training, which often is a part of the permit process.

much more

Yeah, like I'm going to believe ANY poll commissioned by Everytown, which is financed by Bloomberg.

Here in AZ, permitless concealed carry isn't controversial at all, it's accepted as a fact of every day life.

America has more guns in fewer hands than ever before

X posted from other group.


Problem with this is that it can't be proven that there are less homes with firearms in them, more than likely, more and more firearms owners are refusing to admit that they do have a firearm to an anonymous person on the phone, in person, on an internet poll.

I know that if some stranger asked me if I had a firearm in the home, I'd say no.

The controllers love to trot out these bogus polls to try to prove their contention that less citizens now own guns, but judging by all the new FOID's issued by the Illinois State Police after their new CCW law passed, their claims are bullshit.
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