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Hometown: Oklahoma
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SECOND intentional hit and run of homeless person in Tulsa today

Police say a pickup that ran over a homeless woman just south of downtown Tulsa on Monday afternoon appears to be the same one that ran over three homeless people on the north edge of downtown Monday morning.
The driver, described as a white man in his 40s who was wearing a baseball cap. The pickup in both incidents is described as a small, white mid-1980s to '90s model, possibly a Toyota or Nissan.
Police said they had retrieved one surveillance video of the first incident and were searching for more.


Police: Driver intentionally ran over 3 homeless people in Tulsa, killing one

“The pickup truck actually circled the block a couple of times before coming back, driving up over the curb and driving down the sidewalk to run over these individuals,”
According to the Tulsa World, the pickup is described as a small, white mid ’80s to ’90s truck.
The driver who fled the scene is described as a white male in his 40s, wearing a baseball cap.
This area is near the jail, Salvation Army Shelter and numerous 24/7 bail bond offices. In other words MULTIPLE cameras. I hope the police are able to release a picture of the truck and possible the driver soon, or even better, they already have a suspect.
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