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Gender: Female
Hometown: Oklahoma
Member since: Tue Oct 14, 2014, 12:21 PM
Number of posts: 4,047

Journal Archives

A question about seeds and growing

I am new to all of this and also have a black thumb. I am signed up for a growing class but on a waiting list because it's the most popular one around. A few night ago a friend stopped by with some fine bud. He left a pinch on the tray and later when I was about to share some with hubby I noticed a seed in it.
Can I sprout this seed? If so, can someone share a good link with step by step instructions?

Can someone explain edible dosage?

While not new to smoking, I am a newly registered medical patient and i am just learning about edibles. I have been experimenting with different types and strengths and I have one major question...
Why is it that I can eat 1/2 of a 60mg brownie and feel practically nothing while a 20 mg hard candy has me feeling great and still yet a 10 mg cookie has me staring at the walls? This seems backward!
All were the same brand, purchased on the same date, at the same pharmacy, consumed on an empty stomach near the same time of day, all with dramatically different effects! I can understand how the hard candy might be absorbed quicker, but not why that would make a difference in the overall potency. Is it common for an individual to have different tolerances to different products or even to different brands?

Please HELP I am overwhelmed!!

I live in Oklahoma and just got my medical card. I am an old woman who has smoked for a long time, even made a few good batches of brownies, but I am out of my league in a dispensary. I need a good course in the basics of how to shop and how the different strains and products (oil, wax, tincture, ect) can be used.
I am also a retired nurse who made good grades in chemistry and have known a few kitchen wizards in my day I want to delve deeply into the chemistry so that in the future I can process my own plants into the other products mentioned above.
Plants first - I have a black thumb. It's something I have worked HARD to correct since retiring. Eggplants, peppers of all kinds and roses seem to be my biggest successes so far, but this IS something I AM going to learn!!

Can anyone recommend a book they would consider All Things Marijuana for Dummies? And possible another book for Chemistry and yet another for Botany? I would prefer hard copy books. I'm old school, I want to write notes in margins, highlight portions and put tabs on the really important sections.

Any and all advice for a complete newbie would be greatly appreciated!
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