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Member since: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 05:16 PM
Number of posts: 9,294

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OMG, lovely picture of Michelle Obama holding a sign saying an immigrant is taking my job..n/t

Many white pants suits are filing into my polling site today in West Palm Beach

My apartment building is a polling site for the downtown residents and I'm checking out my window every now and then. I was sort of surprised to see so many women decked out in their white pants suits. I love it and there is a steady stream of people coming in. I haven't gone downstairs in order to keep out of their way, I vote Absentee, but I doubt there are any problems. Just an observance I thought you might be interested in.

Apologies for my Ed Bradley Obit notice. I have self-deleted. My bad..n/t

FB has a picture of Comey's house with a Trump sign in the front. I don't know how to

transfer it to here but maybe someone could check their newsfeed.

"Tesla" on American Experience @ 9 p.m...n/t

"Tesla" on American Experience @ 9 p.m...n/t

"Two of the best speakers in America." I swear, that was Morning Joe this a.m. re the Obamas..n/t

Just an observation of Chelsea Clinton. Last night after the debate I noticed everyone coming onto

the stage. The Trump kids in a group, including Ivanka who appeared to have her head down. They were introduced by their husbands and became friends. Anyway, Chelsea with smile on her face, reached out to Ivanka and sort of hugged and exchanged some pleasantries (if that's what it's called). Chelsea is a peace-maker and for a child of privilege, one of the sweetest and most sincere humans I know of late. Her parents should and are quite proud of her and I would love to have someone just like her to call "friend."

Morning Joe and Mika are relieved they don't have a show in the a.m. I'm guessing. After they

finally forgave him and were licking his boots, this had to come out. Oh poor Joe and Mika. HA!

The one good thing about this hurricane, at least as far as MSNBC is concerned, I have not heard or

seen Trump's face for hours. There's always a silver lining somewhere..LOL..
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