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SheilaAnn's Journal
SheilaAnn's Journal
November 16, 2015

Dear God, Andrea Mitchell is cringeworthy to listen to. She stutters, stops/starts. Why does she

still have a spokesperson job at this station. Is being Mrs. Greenspan that big a deal? I have to turn her off, hope I don't miss anything...

November 13, 2015

When the Republicans lose, and I mean LOSE it all in 2016, who do you think they will blame?

I see Trump as the guy to lay every loss in both the Presidency, Senate, and the House on. I think Trump is of the opinion that when his run for the Presidency is over, that will be the end of it. No one will be referring to him or blaming him in his mind. Game over... Boy, does he have another thing coming. Repubs always need someone or something to blame their shortcomings on and you can bet it will be him. I look forward to it and want to watch Trump sulk, pout and be angry at everyone. That's what children do....

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