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Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 03:21 AM
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Olympic sized sexism

The Olympic governing body demands activity-appropriate attire. Tell me why female beach volleyball players are in bikinis, often wedged into a thong-shaped butt covering.
There is no escape from seeing these women's naked butt cheeks while watching a match.

Yet male beach volleyball players are wearing shorts reaching nearly to their knees. Their tank tops cover their abdomens. Never even a bellybutton to be seen or a pleasure trail to be admired.

I appreciate a finely tuned physique as much as anyone else. Explain to me why exploiting these women is okay. If they don't change this then I demand speedos on the men so I can clearly see the outlines if their penis and testicles. I want to see a speedo being adjusted to cover a male ass cheek.

I am sick of of the rampant females on display sexism EVERYWHERE. If it persists then it is time to exploit the men. Not my preferred option. But what is good for goose is good for the gander.

I heard the news that day, oh boy*

Q for You: what concert took place in the Twin Cities (area) on December 9, 1980? I have a ticket stub that says Schon presents and an act's name that has man in it. But I have no clue who it was.

*This was the night John Lennon was murdered. I heard it in the radio (prolly KQRS) on the way to the show.

My words can never convey my appreciation for John Lennon. It's best to just listen to his recordings. I will say that Mind Games and Instant Karma have impacted me throughout my life.
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