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Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 03:21 AM
Number of posts: 149

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GQP Needs Preparation H

These Trump lovers need some Prep H. They are straining soooo hard to make him honest and not a thief, that they have turned themselves into hemorrhoids.

Quite hilarious.

Men's Pregnancy/Abortion Responsibilities

It is passed time that men are held accountable for their responsibility in reproduction issues.

First, if you want to stop unwanted pregnancies REQUIRE men to wear condoms. Financial and criminal penalties applied to lawbreakers. Simple.
Second, no more limp penis medical care. If you are flaccid, too bad.
Third, no more bent penis medical care. Don't use your penis if it is too bent for sex. Tough sh*t.
Fourth, rapists should be castrated.
Fifth, men causing unwanted pregnancies should be chemically castrated for at least nine months.
Six, male health matters to sperm quality just as does maternal health. Stop holding women solely responsible for procreative processes.


Think this isn't fair? Try carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term.

Try telling your raped eleven-year-old daughter that she needs to stay pregnant because power-hungry Christo/facist conservative MAGAt GQP morons are happy to force their thinly held whims on her.

Russian Fighters

Vlad Putin fights from behind gold-leaf decorations, paid for with the blood of poor Russian citizens.

Don Trump fights from behind his dinner plate, as he spews verbal diarrhea, to anyone within earshot in the Mar a Lardo diner.

Tucker Carlson-Sean Hannity-Laura Ingraham fight from their makeup chairs, as they try, and fail, to paint themselves as human.

Mike Pompeo and many others fight for Russia from the safety of American soil. Soil they refuse to defend.

P.S. Anyone else notice Pootie's rhetoric sounds like Trump's? I expect to hear bigly come out of Vlad's mouth soon.
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