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Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 11:56 AM
Number of posts: 2,067

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How hard would it be to block ads for Confederate flags from the DU homepage?

I realize the site needs money just like any site does, but it’s disturbing how often homepage ads are anywhere from mildly to wildly offensive on a site that is and wants to continue to be the internet’s largest forum for Democrats.

Why does DU completely ignore Asian Pacific American Heritage Month?

There are dozens of posts a day during Black History Month, yet embarrassingly just 90 days later nearly 100% of DUers are completely silent when it comes to celebrating our Asian Pacific American brothers and sisters in May. We’ve got to do a better job of recognizing ALL our brothers and sisters.

Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!

Apparently 13 total people had ever used Deltas NRA discount

Was hoping it was a little more meaningful. Sounds like it actually ended up costing Delta $40m.

How many airline passengers does it take to kill a $40 million tax break for Delta Air Lines? Only 13.

The Georgia legislature removed a jet-fuel tax break from a larger tax package Thursday. Lawmakers were upset that Delta, which is headquartered in Atlanta, dropped the National Rifle Association from a discount-fare program in an effort to appear neutral on gun policy.

After the firestorm, Delta will review all its marketing programs to avoid those that might become political, CEO Ed Bastian announced Friday.

But the airline said only 13 passengers ever bought tickets with an NRA discount. That translates into each discount costing the airline about $3 million in tax breaks.


I just finished watching that Waco miniseries; its timing couldnt be worse.

Last thing we needed while trying to convince people that they don’t need guns to protect themselves from their government is a widely watched miniseries about one of the most egregious government abuses of force in our country’s history.

An abuse of force that started, of course, as an attempt to confiscate (illegal) guns...

Ugh why is he drooling...

This is not gonna play well.

Punctuation in post/thread titles?

I apologize for the waste of time if this has been previously discussed, but I can’t find any previous threads on the subject.

A few months ago I seem to have lost the ability to use most punctuation (quotes, apostrophes, etc.) in post titles. They’re there when I’m writing, but disappear when I submit.

Is this a known issue?

Would you accept Australias merit-based immigration approach if we also got its gun control?

I honestly think I might.

They go low, we go high.

Relying on bumper sticker slogans as political strategy is a fucking disaster.

I wish she’d never uttered the words.

When multiple Greatest DU threads are claiming outing rapists/harassers/predators is a distraction.

Holy cow people.

A black student wrote those racist messages that shook the Air Force Academy, school says

Source: Washington Post

In late September, five black cadet candidates found racial slurs scrawled on message boards on their doors at the U.S. Air Force Academy Preparatory School. One candidate found the words “go home n‑‑‑‑‑‑” written outside his room, his mother posted on social media, according to the Air Force Times.

But on Tuesday, the school made a jolting announcement. The person responsible for the racist messages, the academy said, was, in fact, one of the cadet candidates who reported being targeted by them.

“The individual admitted responsibility and this was validated by the investigation,” academy spokesman Lt. Col. Allen Herritage said in a statement to the Associated Press, adding: “Racism has no place at the academy, in any shape or form." The cadet candidate accused of crafting the messages was not identified, but the Colorado Springs Gazette reported that the individual is no longer enrolled at the school. Sources also told the Gazette the cadet candidate “committed the act in a bizarre bid to get out of trouble he faced at the school for other misconduct,” the newspaper reported.

The announcement thrust the Air Force Academy Preparatory School onto a growing list of recent “hate crime hoaxes” — instances in which acts of racism or anti-Semitism were later found to be committed by someone in the targeted minority group. It’s unclear exactly what prompts people to commit these hoaxes, stunts and false reports. But such revelations have become a major concern for civil rights activists who document racist and anti-Semitic incidents, particularly amid a rise in reported hate crimes since the 2016 general election.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/11/08/a-black-student-wrote-those-racist-messages-that-shook-the-air-force-academy/?utm_term=.178a42dc5c9a

This is heartbreaking; I don't think people realize how much damage this causes...
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