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Thoughts on how we can assist those who've been wading through the proper channels for legal status?

My best friend Adnan had to go back to Saudia Arabia after grad school because he was no longer a student and no longer eligible to stay in the U.S. He's spent significant time and dollars over the years to return, but as many of you know the process is complicated and very slow-moving.

The President's actions are a great start for many undocumented immigrants that are already here, but sort of a middle finger to those like Adnan who've followed the process that was required of him, but now sees that those who didn't follow the proper channels will likely get legal status long before he does.

I'd like to see some action on that front too, as there are a lot of individuals who've spent a lot of time and money trying to gain legal status who 1) deserve that status just as much as anyone else and 2) could bring a lot of value to the American economy (Adnan has 2 graduate degrees and owns his own business in SA).
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