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Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 11:56 AM
Number of posts: 2,067

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In light of multiple threads about AverageJoe90's demise, a question; why don't people use ignore?

I'm reading the threads where so many people say they were "harassed for years" by this user. Isn't that what ignore is for? I understand if this idiot was following you around with a different username every day, but people seem to be saying that they knowingly and willingly continued, for years, to see and respond to this loser's racist, misogynistic rants.

I don't understand the need to even engage with a poster like that. I'm assuming people didn't have this troll on ignore because they have an irrepressible urge to respond and try to prove it's wrong/call it out? The old, "Cancel all my meetings, someone on the internet is wrong"?

If so, you're wasting your time: 1) It is a troll, and has no intentions except to disrupt, and 2) the vast majority of us already know it's a troll, so its posts really aren't convincing/influencing anyone.

I saw a thread response from a poster talking about how disheartened he/she was to not be able to keep up with trying to respond to/alert on AverageJoe90's threads. Why? What's the point? Calling people out as trolls (subtly or unsubtly) just seems to drive away new members, and using the alert system for "troll control" just doesn't seem like an effective measure when there are likely dozens of daily signups simply to disrupt.

Bottom line, if you feed a troll, it stays around. We would all be better served to remember that there's probably nothing more disheartening to a troll than to return to its "My Posts" tab just to see that no one has taken the bait.

Does following present-day politics make your life worse? Your opinions appreciated:

Having observed my (apparently) foul mood recently, and after listening to me explain my annoyance with "emailgate", the neocons' letter to Irananian leaders, the media's non-stop negativity about the Obama presidency, etc., my wife made an interesting observation that I'd like my fellow DU'ers opinions on.

That is, that I (and I suppose by default anyone) who closely follows political goings-ons today am naturally an angrier, more depressed person because of it. That while it's certainly important (and even civilly responsible) to be an informed and active citizen, that we are all actively choosing to make our lives worse by letting politics play such a central role.

I've been thinking about it over the last 24 hours, and believe there's something to what she said. I don't know that it will change anything I do (I'm a political junkie and a long-time DU lurker, although only recently decided to actually create a login), but her comments have made me more aware of 1) just how much political news/discussion is either purposely negative or just naturally depressing and 2) how my body and mind naturally react to what I read/see.

By no means am I arguing that USA citizens are better off being mindless drones focused on American Idol and sports scores, but I am also questioning (personally) the wisdom of constantly engaging in (or even just reading) such depressing discussion.

Just a cursory glance at the DU Greatest Page at any given time shows me that most highly-rated threads are:

-about how bad a person or group of people are because of their beliefs, choices, or actions
-about how bad a person or group of people are because they haven't done what we expected them to
-mocking a specific person or group of people for their beliefs, choices, or actions

While all of these discussions have merit in terms of education, "venting," etc., they're all, generally, incredibly negative and just make me feel worse.

Thoughts? Anyone else ever feel this way, or question why they keep logging/tuning in?

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