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Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 11:56 AM
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That "Excuse Me"= Bernie is Sexist gets any play...is the reason why "loony left" also gets play...

I've posted before about how we're eating our Party from the inside out with our political correctness obsession (or at least our use of PC as a political tool) and I'll say it again:


Can we PLEASE, for the love of God, agree as a Party to go back 50-60 years and start using accusations of discrimination for their intended purpose: to call out and influence the demise of actual discrimination?

The longer and more we use them as political silencing tools, the less meaningful they become (and the less aware future generations will be of what sexism and racism actually are).

I believe in my heart that the vast majority (not all, mind you) of the individuals accusing THE MOST LIBERAL SENATOR and his supporters of racism and sexism know in their hearts that what they're saying is untrue, but they can't resist the political points these accusations score. There is nothing democratic or progressive about those kinds of political games.
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