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Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 11:56 AM
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"Turns Out Snoop Dogg is Not a Fan of Roots or 12 Years a Slave"

Interesting perspective from someone that a lot of younger African-Americans view as a relevant voice. While I don't worship the guy like I did in my teens, I do still think he is wiser than he gets credit for being. FWIW, I don't personally feel strongly one way or the other about the Roots remake.

"They're gonna just keep beating that shit in our heads on how they did us, huh? I mean, I don't understand America, they just want to just keep showing the abuse that we took hundreds and hundreds of years ago, but guess what? We're taking the same abuse. Think about that part.

When are y'all gonna make a motherfucking series about the success that black folks are having? The only success we have is Roots and 12 Years a Slave and shit like that, huh? Fuck y'all, I ain't watching that shit. Let's create our own shit based on today. How we're living and how we inspire people today. Black is what's real. Fuck that old shit."

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