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Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 11:56 AM
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If you are letting Trump's words/lack of words and their timing control your emotions...

...the Idiot-in-Chief has already won.

We need to get over this hand-wringing approach that says that Trump should do or say something just because we think he should. This guy doesn't give 2 shits what we, or really any voter thinks, and he will NEVER do what you think/want him to do just because you think/want him to. The day you accept that you have zero control over his statements/non-statements, the far happier you'll be.

And let's evaluate what we're trying to accomplish with this hand-wringing anyway: what are you expecting the perfect statement to accomplish? Just like someone's "hearts and prayers" going out doesn't change one damn thing about innocent death(s), no statement from Trump is going to stop a stupid, inbred white supremacist from being and acting like a white supremacist. They aren't going to stop what they're doing because Trump says they're naughty.

There's a reason we were brought up on "sticks and stones may break my bones...". Words/lack of words hurt us because we've made the personal decision to allow them to do so, and the Orange one is gleeful over the fact that we've chosen that path.
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