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Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 11:56 AM
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Racist FBI releases racist crime statistics

They claim that 45% of murder arrests are of African Americans, even though 2016 population estimates have African Americans as just 13% of the population.

Either someone in the FBI is manipulating statistics for their own racist purposes, or African Americans are being arrested and falsely accused of murder at a rate over 3 times our actual #'s in the population. And these false arrests and accusations will only get worse under Shitler and his minions, and having Kavanaugh on the SC will surely make these kinds of racist practices by the FBI and law enforcement even worse.


If you'd told me 4 years ago that DU's 2 biggest heroes in 2018 would be Mueller and McCain...

...2 conservative RepubliCONS, I would have said youíre crazy.

Times have changed. Weíre certainly living in a different universe these days.

Why even attempt to portray physical racial differences in 2018? To what end?

In my opinion the guy isnít just racist and sexist, heís also stupid. There is never a situation in which portraying physical racial differences is a good idea. If people think you exaggerated features, youíre racist. If people think you understated features, youíre whitewashing.

Itís 2018; there is way too much negative history for it to make sense to even attempt this.

Why not just portray everyone looking the exact same and just put their names above them?

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