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Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 10:56 AM
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Desperation allowed cute "It's Mueller Time" memes to override what was right in front of our face.

We wanted justice so bad that we were willing to completely ignore Mueller's political history, his assistance in lying us into the Iraq War, and every other obvious sign that this was never going to be an impartial investigation. A guy whose personal and political history should be demonized on DU was instead lionized and worshipped because he was, simply, our only hope.

When cute memes become more important than facts, people are ultimately going to be disappointed.

Can we officially be done fetishizing and folk hero-izing Republicans?

"It's Mueller Time" memes are all cute until he does exactly what we expect Republicans to do: fuck us over. Mueller's history gave us not a single shred of reason to assume he was going to be fair in this process, yet there we were spending the last 2 years worshipping him like he was Elliot Ness. We actually did the Cons a favor by building Mueller up to be this saint, because it's now that much harder to refute what was ultimately (and unsurprisingly to me) shitty investigative work.

We are in this nasty habit of desperately clinging to anything that seems even remotely anti-Trump, but I promise you that all these guys will fuck us every chance they get.

Remember, McCain was Satan himself on DU just 11 short years ago; today we're awfully close to giving him sainthood. Don't turn these people into heroes.
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