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Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 11:56 AM
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Ethics aside, is there any real reason to be truthful with Congress, or even talk to them...

for that matter?

I'm almost 40, and I'm having trouble coming up with very many names of people in my lifetime who have faced real, substantial consequences for lying to Congress, ignoring subpoenas and other failures to cooperate with investigations, etc.

Combine the lack of real consequences with the perception that most Congressional inquiries are merely televised political grandstanding for future Presidential campaigns, and is it any wonder that even the guiltiest treat it more like a reality TV show than a constitutionally-mandated process that can have lifelong negative consequences for them?

This shit goes back to at least Iran-Contra, and I'm sure before that. Take some real freaking action on these criminals and maybe it would change things.

Frankly, based on the odds, anyone who's guilty would be stupid if they DIDN'T lie.
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