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Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 11:47 PM
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The nomination

Has anyone of us planned how we get Bernie nominated at the convention?

If he wins the most delegates can we expect the DNC to rollover and award him the nomination with all these Superfreak delegates floating around the convention hall. If we don't prepare now, we will be steamrolled at the convention and wondering around in a daze trying to figure out what happened. Does anyone think DWS and the DNC aren't planning their strategy right now?

It will be a continuation of their brainwashing tactics of turning us all into a state of manic depression. The emotional roller coaster rides of extreme highs and lows with primary wins and defeats resulting in a drained and crippled progressive voter. Just look at DU for the ecstasy we experience with wins and the depression and the thoughts of giving up after loses. We have been subjected to this for years and the results has been to get pissed off and walk away or be so drained and abused our willpower is shattered and we give in and submit to vote for a RW Dem. We have to wake up and stop this.

We must be continually planning win/win strategies so we always have a positive position to pursue

Where are the recounts?

Exit polls in Illinois and Missouri don't add up

I'm sick of these Establishment talking points of "sore losers." Where is the integrity of the vote and our importance as voters to be accurately counted.

All we hear is "a sweep" yet when we have a chance to possibly bring cheating to light we hesitate. How in the world do we change this corrupt voting system if we don't confront it head-on?

Smoke Signals

Tax cuts = less government moolah. Years ago it was a good thing when the middle class was thriving. Now it's just a sneaky way to pass austerity cuts while crying poverty from these tax cuts. They giveth and then taketh away

Tax cuts are government based, while income inequality is mostly corporate and billionaire based. Higher minimum wages increase the government moolah so what will the Congress critters do about social cuts then?

Either we are going to obtain income equality by forcing these filthy corporations and billionaires to share the wealth or we are going to ignore the corporate welfare and use OUR tax money for all of US.

Hence, Bernie vs Hills.

Trick or Treat

Hillary's trick and Bernie's treat


Main Stream Media?

Do we really believe that in 2015 the TV and newspapers are our main stream of information?

It's time to rename these dwindling corrupt folks, maybe Fringe TV Media (FTVM) or Main Stream Internet Media (MSIM)

Rise above

Trying to convert DU Hillary supporters is a waste of time.

They don't try to convert anyone, their corporate plan is to discourage and confuse Bernie supporters.

When our enthusiasm becomes tepid we aren't motivated to vote in the primary and Hills wins

The double edged sword is that if we don't vote in the GE Hills loses. So here comes the Democratic party loyalty oaths to regain our support.

The 2 party system is divisive in itself and the People's Revolution is a unifier. Bernie is creating an AMERICAN Party inclusive of disgruntled Repubs, Independents and progressive dems, a surefire winner.

We need to keep our eyes open and see this manipulation for what it is

Peace and goodwill to men/women.

Bernie is creating a People's Revolution and Hillary's testimony is everything about the Beltway status quo.

Why did we get involved in killing the Libyan leader? Was it because the French and the Arabs wanted it or to control the oil? What imminent danger did America face from Libya?

This was a Washington insider, corporate war hawk (Iraq vote) stressing how brave 4 dead Americans were when they would still be alive if "The People" stopped the establishment from violently pursuing world domination. "We came, we saw, he died"

It doesn't take much to outwit today's Repubs .

Bernie's stance: peace and diplomacy first and foremost

Stay focused.

We have a wonderful Grass Roots organization emerging and IMO we have come from nothing to leading in Iowa and NH and a few other states.

Now we are falling into this corrupt corporate world of how much money we are taking in, debating what the worthless MSM and their pundits are saying and waiting on the edge of our seats for what the next poll results say. I think I read Bernie hired a polling firm so let's also start publishing those results.

Drawing huge crowds are self and nationally motivating.

Besides social media, how do we truly know Bernie's impact of 23 million debate viewers if they can't be counted by increasingly huge event crowds? Focusing on small gatherings (like HRC) are fine for here or there but we should flex our muscles and let America know we are coming.

Bernie has hired staff in the initial primary states and I haven't seen weekly progress reports that could assist volunteers on what has been successful inroads in recruiting supporters. We are a team and sharing info is vital

Just got an e-mail from AFL-CIO

to sign a petition to stop the garnishment of Social Security checks to pay for their student debt. I'm pretty sure that $750 and under is untouchable but SS should be totally untouchable.

The e-mail from the Secretary-Treasurer says that Obama and Duncan can stop this with a moratorium and/or administrative actions, no legislation needed.

Called their office and am hoping to get specifics back but if anyone is aware of this, please share.

Also called Bernie's campaign office to see if he would push this for our seniors.

Setting up

Has anyone made a bullet point flyer on Bernie's immigration plan? We're starting to set-up an office and tabling plans in the SW. A Spanish translation would also be helpful.
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