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aspirant's Journal
aspirant's Journal
March 30, 2015

TPP Expanded

Maybe the time has come to create a People's Tribunal. Why should only the investor's have this profitable luxury?

We can focus on the American and Multinational Corporate Mafias and use something like the RICO Act as our guideline for award judgements.

If any corporation has been convicted of a crime or not and lose in our 3-member specially appointed judicial panel, we confiscate assets. The value will be determined by the damage that was inflicted on "We The People."

This will provide a 2-way street (Democracy) and maybe will offset or even surpass the investor tribunals earnings.

This may equalize both of the tribunals awards and result in a admirable balanced Tribunal budget. Otherwise it will be completely unbalanced in favor of investors and the people will suffer.

Could this even be an Amendment to the TPP?

March 4, 2015

How is Democratic Underground defined?

The word Democratic = the Democratic Party OR Democracy OR both. Does center-to-left viewpoints include the Democratic right?

Does the Democratic right = advocating 5 or less Democratic principles
Democratic center = 6-10 Democratic principles
Democratic LEFT = 11 or more, all the way to a pure bred pony

The word Underground implies something behind the scenes, below the surface and not on national display.

The Democratic corporatist wing is RIGHT up front about undemocratic principles and spend billions to get out their message. How is this an underground group? They aren't something boiling to the surface, the corporatists have long ago boiled over and spilled across this nation.

Was DU originally created for the often ignored Democratic voting blocs or a Democratic-leaning forum for the pro-corporatist agenda?

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