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aspirant's Journal
aspirant's Journal
May 19, 2015

The High Frequency Trading tax (HFT)

this should be the precursor for the future.

When robots and working computers are doing the work of people, they should be paid at least minimum wage. These wages should be paid to us, the government and be used for a annual living income, not defined as unemployment. Then we can employ ourselves in labors of love and not slaves to the corporatists.

When corporations are defined as people, computers and robots must be people too.

When Artificial Intelligence (AI) is inCORPORATED into computers and robots, their wages must be increased accordingly. Also with AI the computer and robot laborers should be able to unionize.

Bernie's Bill may have started a revolution for the people's future happiness.

May 12, 2015

Divide and Conquer

I noticed on Jeffhead's thread, providing a video of a Bernie's floor speech, that he specifically tied Bill Clinton to disastrous FTAS.

IMO a significant part of Hillary's name recognition is from President Bill Clinton. There seems to be an opening, like Bernie did, to criticize Bill and force Hillary to support her husband's actions or divorce herself from Bill's harmful signed laws.

Either way she will have to take a public stance or watch the Clinton name be associated with damaging legislation that people can now understand, years later.

This is already happening with NAFTA where she is flipping all over the place.

The financial realm with Bill Clinton should also be pursed.

Switching Hillary voters to Bernie should be a focus, just like Cleita's thread

May 10, 2015

Turn a negative around

If you want to energize the Baby Boomers, just tell them they are too old to participate in society anymore.

It's time to quietly go to the nursing homes and play bingo until you pass on.

We might see millions volunteer for Bernie's campaign.

Attack this age issue straight on and let's see if an "ELDERS BRIGADE" doesn't emerge

May 7, 2015

The focus

Since the Sanders Group is all about the election of Bernie, why not concentrate on the Populist down ticket races here.

Senate, House, Governor, Mayor, etc all these need Populist attention, organizing and support.

Grass Roots could easily intertwine on all races up to the President.

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