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Member since: Mon Nov 10, 2014, 02:41 AM
Number of posts: 150

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Alan West WARNS President Obama

with words like american blood.

The secret service should grab this guy but quick.


August 2015 -- Would (or could) someone please ...

update notifications (where needed) re: older comment below, Dem Undgerground.


Need Phone numbers, addresses, etc., e-mails.

Would be a big help. Of course at one's leisure. Looks like a lot of time involved.

Much appreciated.



Whatta guy. Love him.


Hello, & Happy Thanksgiving. I am a newbie today.

Happy Thanksgiving to DUIers and their families!

I am a newbie here, just having completed my 10 comments today.

Never thought I would be heavily following politics going on 15 years and follow it 24/7.

I am proud to say I have supported Pres. O. since I first heard him speak at the DNC Convention years back when Mr. Barack was a freshman state senator.

Am a displaced so.Californian, but still feel very fortunate living in the beautiful western region of the nation where today it is forecasted to be a beautiful warm and sunny day -- 83o.

Will be looking forward to "chatting" with DUIers on various topics especially re: the political scene.

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