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Amishman's Journal
Amishman's Journal
March 24, 2020

Am I missing something? The way I see it the state lockdowns are outside Trump's control

They were instituted at the state and local level, and at a glance I can't find anything that would allow him to overrule them.

He can have all the tantrums he wants, but the states hardest hit have D governors, who will gleefully tell him to fuck off. major metro areas across the country have Democratic mayors, almost without exception

He is powerless on this matter.

February 20, 2019

9-0 SCOTUS ruling against asset forfeiture, this is a big deal

Just came out an hour ago


This is a really big deal as it is the first time the 8th amendment has been applied to limit penalties and forfeiture at the state / local level. It opens the door wide to additional challenges against unreasonable fines and the common practice of seizing unrelated assets from suspects.

The case in question involved an individual with a drug related offense with a maximum fine of 10k. He had purchased a car with 40k of money from a life insurance policy paid out when his father died. His car was seized under the pretense that it had been used to transport drugs.

November 29, 2018

Bump stock ban is finalized, banned from sale and 90 days to surrender


My worry is that this too good, especially from Trump.

By executive order and with no compensation offered, I am wondering if this is intentional to try and set up a quick Supreme Court ruling overturn a lot of existing laws now that they have their right wing majority firmly in place on the SCOTUS.
November 7, 2018

Anyone have updates on where Tester's race stands?

Is the 16% outstanding absentee votes or just precincts which couldn't report last night for some reason?

If it's the latter, I think Tester survives easily. If it's the former I'll be nervous as absentee usually older voters who trend more conservative

Can't seem to find any info on when we might know this one

November 7, 2018

please ignore 538, their model is spazzing. Try the NYT

The NYT site is easy to use and their predictor factors in where votes are outstanding, not just what is in so far



they don't seem to have enough results for the latter to be running yet

October 31, 2018

Montana Senate just got tighter, libertarian candidate withdraws and endorses Republican


Nate Silver's adjusted lead on the last to polls were 4 and 6 percent with a tightening trend. This will probably give Rosendale an extra 1-2%
October 5, 2018

Collins to announce her voting intention at 3pm today from Senate floor


Not sure what to make of this, I really didn't expect her to hint at anything before the vote. Perhaps her principles won out and she is making a speech to push the other fence sitters to vote No?
November 30, 2017

Where is our counter proposal tax bill?

The best way to underscore the flaws in the Pubs tax bill would be to offer our own. It also counters their claims of obstructionism. I think everyone can agree the current convoluted nightmare of tax regs and loopholes is an abomination. We need to show America what real tax reform should look like.

Why haven't we put forth our own proposal?

October 17, 2017

I support Kurdish Independence, where does DU stand?

They are a distinct people who have democratically voted for Independence in what appears to be a true open referendum. They have been brutally oppressed in their 80+ year push for self governance. They have a more open and tolerant culture than many of their neighbors. It is time, they have earned it.

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