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Amishman's Journal
Amishman's Journal
May 16, 2022

Tomorrow is a litmus test for the level of insanity of the Pubs

Two major close races where they can choose to take a step back away from the abyss of madness.

PA Senate:

Oz - obvious liar and fake, Trump endorse, but still not the nuttiest option running
Barnette - Trumpier than Trump, liar, and other than skin color and gender would be a poster child for the sickness of their party
McCormick - boring, more 'normal' corporatist republican. Of the three, he's the 'sane' choice for them.


Cawthorn - Scandal dogged obnoxious fratboy-esque incumbent. Has done essentially nothing in two years in office other than bullshit and plunder. Possibly a Russian puppet as well.
Edwards - the boring 'normal' republican challenger

We'll see if they can take a step back from the void. Sadly, in both races the least demented candidate is trailing.

I'm torn as to what I want to happen. The toxic frontrunners would be easier to beat in Nov, but at the same time I'd love to see signs that the Pubs are starting move past their current madness.

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