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Gender: Male
Member since: Thu Dec 25, 2014, 06:07 PM
Number of posts: 721

About Me

Supporter of social and economic justice for all people.

Journal Archives

Big Mac Sauce being sold for 18k


I like an occasional Big Mac, but not this much

I guess we're going to start another war


Cold War Propaganda

Ronald Reagan gave speech after speech about how we should hate Russians/USSR/ commies. etc.
I see the same exact right wing shit cheering on hatred of Russia/socialism/labor, etc right here.
Very sad and telling.

Superbowl wins? Yep, my new hometown Pittsburgh has 6

But Montana and Rice are and always will be my all time favorites. 49'ers forever!

And Brady and the Pats can go to H E double L

Problems in the EU


edited for clarity

2015 Acura NSX


This may be the most important news of this century.

Saving Private Ryan First scene. I cried

I cant believe how a movie so affected me in a long time. Tom Hanks is a first class actor and show how real and raw the violence of war really is. I cant stop crying after watching the first scene knowing what comes next.

Fuck war and fuck violence. Peace please be among us.

Chris Kyle murdered civilians here, according to his story.

And THIS guys and movie get praise and high fives?? Sociopathy is endemic and Im afraid it makes me physically ill to read about it here. Proven liar and, according to his own story, he murdered dozens of American civilians who were never charged with any crime.

What in the hell is in the drinking water in this country?

What about the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

Where does His Pasta Extra Cheese Please Goodness fit into the current discussion of religion and politics?

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