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Member since: Tue Dec 30, 2014, 03:04 PM
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Habitual lurker using this as a news aggregate. Absolutely disgusted with the islamaphobia & apologia for sexual assault that passes as acceptable behavior in the discussion threads. Years of it now. If it makes you uncomfortable to see this statement in my profile, imagine how it feels reading bigoted posts on a dem message board.

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The Migrant Crisis (aka, those "caravans" tRump is going on about)

Day two of the bloviating tangerine fat-bag ranting about the refugees openly fleeing to our southern border for asylum. Day two of him trashing DACA and Dreamer kids because of the fearmongering on Fox and other conservative news stations. Wasn't going to make this an OP, but sunshine makes the best disinfectant and truth the mightiest sword.

To make a long story short, the Honduran election was stolen. The dictator in power is cracking down on political dissidents pointing out that it was a stolen election.


This is on top of the already widespread gang violence and the 66% of the population that lives in poverty. One in 5 Hondurans live on less than $1.90 US a day. There were 67 homicides for every 100k people in 2014. Most families do not have access to clean water.


"As proof of state repression, the organizations cited the following numbers: 192 demonstrations repressed, 1,257 people detained, 38 deaths, 76 victims of torture, 393 wounded in protests, 105 displaced due to violence, 15 journalists attacked, and 73 people victims of threats."


This is only a country of a little over 9 million people. New f*cking Jersey is a little over 9 million people. When 1k+ people are being detained, there is something seriously wrong.

The people Fox/Trump are currently trying to demonize and scare Americans over are traveling in a large group towards the border for safety purposes and to draw attention to the migrant plight. They don't want to be robbed, raped or killed (as so many small groups are), so they are traveling in packs of 10-15 and collapsing into a main body for safety purposes. The vast majority (80%) of the group are Honduran. The vast majority of the people are seeking asylum. They know they are walking into the hands of ICE officials who will imprison them while their application is handled.


How scared for your life do you have to be to cross Mexico on foot and walk into the open arms of incarceration? I would love to hear some of these asshole bigots screaming about immigrants answer that question for themselves.

I should note that tRump is debating sending even more Hondurans back to their native country who have been here for decades after a hurricane ravaged their homes. They will be sent home to die.


I should also note that Trump has threatened to cut off humanitarian aid to the beleaguered country over "drugs", which will only make their desperate situation far worse.

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