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Joe Biden: "We Have to Make Our Democracy" Function While Fighting the Pandemic

From the article:

Joe Biden says the presidential election must take place in spite of fighting Coronavirus. The former Vice President stressed that the U.S. can and must do both.

Biden spoke to the third hour of NBC’s TODAY show on Tuesday. The Democratic front runner told Craig Melvin that he welcomed alternatives to in person voting.
Melvin asked Biden what would happen if Coronavirus was not contained by election day, 2020.
“We’re going to have to conduct the election on November 3,” Biden said.

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Spoken like a real leader.

Adam Schiff Is Ready To Drop The Hammer On Trump's Family Of Grifters

From the article:

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) said on Tuesday that he won’t let Donald Trump and his family of grifters anywhere near the money in the coronavirus stimulus package.

As the Democratic lawmaker said during an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, the money is meant to help workers in the middle of a pandemic, not enrich the First Family.
“This is to save the jobs of workers throughout the country, small business owners and others,” Rep. Schiff said. “It is not to be used as a slush fund for Donald Trump or the First Family.”

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Biden Called Trump To Tell Him What He Should Be Doing On The Coronavirus

From the article:

As Trump fumbles his way through daily coronavirus briefings, former Vice President Joe Biden talked to Trump and gave him suggestions for handling the virus.

Biden Communications Director Kate Bedingfield tweeted:

VP Biden & President Trump had a good call. VP Biden shared several suggestions for actions the Admin. can take now to address the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and expressed his appreciation for the spirit of the American people in meeting the challenges facing the nation.
— Kate Bedingfield (@KBeds) April 6, 2020

Trump appears to have not listened to a single word that was said as he held another coronavirus briefing to tell the country what a great job he thinks he’s doing. According to Trump, all of the governors are happy and think that he is doing a tremendous job.

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It is no surprise that Trump refuse to listen to experts, or experienced politicians. Trump has said many times that he trusts his gut, and we all know how that trust has been repaid.

Trump speaking of the coronavirus:

I am certain that I saw it here, but this needs to be part of the political landscape from now until November.

Yesterday, on the channel 9, 9PM newscast in Chicago, a montage very similar to this played for their audience. It is a brutal indictment of how one incompetent man can lie to the country, and how an entire Party, the GOP, can allow it be their refusal to remove him.

'A Really Chilling Moment': Trump Refuses to Allow Dr. Fauci to Answer Question...

'A Really Chilling Moment': Trump Refuses to Allow Dr. Fauci to Answer Question on Dangers of Hydroxychloroquine

From the article:

During a press briefing Sunday night purportedly aimed at providing the U.S. public with crucial information amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump refused to allow the nation's top infectious disease expert to answer a reporter's question about the efficacy of an anti-malaria drug that the president has recklessly touted as a possible COVID-19 treatment despite warnings from medical professionals.

Before Dr. Anthony Fauci could respond to the question about hydroxychloroquine, Trump—who was standing back and off to the side of the podium—complained that Fauci had already spoken about the drug "15 times."
"You don't have to ask the question again," said Trump, stepping forward and moving closer to Fauci as another reporter began asking a separate question.

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Soledad O'Brien Tears Into Surgeon General For Preposterous Claims....

Soledad O’Brien Tears Into Surgeon General For Preposterous Claims — Including That Trump Is Healthier Than Himself (sic)

Former CNN anchor, current executive producer, and talk show host Soledad O’Brien criticized comments from U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams on Sunday, resulting in a back-and-forth between the two in which O’Brien appeared to suggest Adams was not a credible voice during the coronavirus crisis.

During an interview with Adams on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the Surgeon General encouraged state governors who hadn’t yet enforced stay-at-home orders to do so, telling them, “you got to do your part.” Adams’ comments come as President Donald Trump has notably defended governors for not issuing out such orders.

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Wisconsin Republicans Show It's Politics, Not Public Safety, They Care About In Refusing To Consider

Wisconsin Republicans Show It’s Politics, Not Public Safety, They Care About In Refusing To Consider Election Delay

From the article:

Requests for the means to save citizens’ lives doesn’t seem political, in my view. Indeed, in my home state of Wisconsin, it’s Republicans who appear to care more about politics, refusing to work with the state’s governor, Tony Evers, a Democrat, in order to find a solution for this week’s spring elections in the wake of a crisis.

The elections feature two statewide races — the presidential primary race between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, and a state Supreme Court election. Beyond that, however, there are more than 6,000 down-ballot races for positions like mayor, school board, city council, and more, across the entire Badger State.

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Biden Slams Trump For Delaying Stimulus So That He Can Sign The Checks

From the article:

Joe Biden slammed Donald Trump for delaying coronavirus stimulus payments because he wants his signature to appear on the checks.
Biden said, This may sound straightforward, but no American should have to wait a single minute so Donald Trump can put his signature on a physical check. It isn’t about hi pam. It’s about families who need the cash now. Payments should be electronically made or via pre-paid debit card, and they should be going out the door now.”

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MSNBC Dumps Trump Coronavirus Briefing To Do Live Fact Check Of Lies

From the article:

MSNBC cut away from Trump’s coronavirus briefing to do a live fact check of several lies told by Trump and Steve Mnuchin about the availability of COVID-19 stimulus.
As Trump was promising immediate money to get businesses back up and running, Chuck Todd broke in and went to Stephanie Ruhle for a fact check.
Ruhle said:
He said this is up and running tomorrow. You can call any FDIC bank. That’s not true. You’re only allowed to apply from this loan for your existing bank. From someone, you have a relationship with. I know they are making this sound very cut and dry and clear but the banking industry is one of the most highly regulated industries there are. There are huge anti-money laundering and know your customer issues.

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Mike Pence Falls Apart As Wolf Blitzer Recites Trump's Downplaying of Coronavirus

From the article:

Mike Pence tried to claim that Trump has never belittled the coronavirus, so Wolf Blitzer rattled off statements from Trump belittling the coronavirus threat.

Blitzer said that Trump had belittled the threat of this virus and asked Pence why a national stay at home order had not been issued.
Pence replied, “I don’t believe that the president has ever belittled the threat of this virus.”

Wolf Blitzer interrupted him and said, “I was suggesting he was saying at one point it wasn’t as bad as the regular flu. He was talking about automobile accidents. He seemed to be suggesting at one point there were 15 cases it would get down to zero very quickly. That was what I was basing that sentence on.”

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