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Paul Krugman Says Trump is a Horror but a Horror Made Possible by GOP Corruption

From the article:

In a series of tweets, Paul Krugman tackled Republican reluctance to hold Trump accountable for the Flynn scandal, explaining that while “Trump is terrible” his is a “horror made possible by GOP corruption and lack of conscience.”
Obviously, a Republican-controlled Congress sympathetic to Trump’s pro-Wall Street and corporate policies will be willing to overlook much to get what they want, even treason, for as Krugman says, “Treason in the defense of tax cuts is no vice” for Republicans


And it is not just GOP Congress members, it is GOP voters who are willing to overlook the treason. The same GOP politicians and voters who were so obsessed with emails and Benghazi are willing to ignore actual treason as long as the rich can get a little bit richer.

In defense of Susan Sarandon, and by extension Jill Stein et. al. ?

Numerous posts have talked about so-called limousine liberals like Sarandon and Stein and their positions regarding Donald Trump being President. One can also read numerous posts at JPR asserting much the same thing.

But if we look at the position that Trump is somehow, on some level, preferable to Clinton, how can we approach that in a positive way? How can a positive be made out of an apparent huge negative?

First, I believe any argument must concede that the Trump Presidency, no matter how long it endures, will be a negative for the bottom 90% of Americans. GOP spin and framing aside, Trump is a tool of the 1% just as the GOP is a tool, and that tool will not be used to build, but to destroy.

But if there is any positive that has occurred so far, it is that many Americans are organizing, and protesting, and calling their respective Congress members to register their opposition to the GOP agenda. So this activity is a positive, but only if it represents a new normal for Americans. Far too many Americans only pay attention to politics after Labor Day in Presidential election years.

And if there was any negative to the Obama Presidency, it was that obviously some Democrats saw the election of Barack Obama as somehow solving things. As if the election of one person could be the savior, the solution. And some Democrats obviously felt that electing President Obama was enough because these deluded Democrats did not bother to vote in the crucial 2010 elections.

And the result of this Democratic non-vote, this complacency by Democrats, was that the GOP took control of the House of Representatives. And the result of the new GOP House Majority was that President Obama faced massive House obstruction from 2010
through 2016.

In 2012, again Democrats were motivated to vote, but 2014 saw a repeat of the 2010 complacency as the GOP took the Senate.

So if Trump's election can motivate Democratic voters to wake up and get active, Trump might just have done the Democrats a favor for 2018 and the crucial 2020 Presidential election that will also affect the 2020 Census redistricting. Democrats must realize that, arguments about demographics aside, people actually have to vote and pressure their Congress members all of the time.

And this does not apply to the hyper-aware and well informed DU community. The obsession with politics here is evident. But DU members must preach the gospel of political awareness and involvement to our friends and family and neighbors.

In the eyes of white nationalists, Trump will preserve white identity

From the article:

“President Trump is off to an amazing start, God bless him for it!” former Klansman David Duke wrote in one tweet on Jan. 25. “We simply want our own country and our own society. That's in no way exploitative. We want our own society, our own nation,” he wrote in another that day. 

So KKK member David Duke only wants "our own nation". But the nation he wants committed genocide to cleanse the country of the First Peoples, and his nation was built by black slave labor. The country was built on exploitation.

The praise for the administration’s actions also demonstrates how Trump’s campaign rhetoric energized white nationalist thinkers who have waited decades for a moment of political legitimacy, and throws doubt on the president’s disavowal of the radical right.

While much of Trump's rhetoric is merely slogans to appease his deplorably deceived racists, Trump is a racist.


PTSD and President Trump

Two weeks into the Trump reign of error, I have noticed that many DUers are suffering from PTSD. Post Truth Distress Disorder.

Symptoms vary. PTSD may present as a compulsion to avoid all political reporting, but it can also manifest as compulsive watching and reading.

As someone who could have attended medical school and graduated with a degree, I recommend that DUers who show PTSD tendencies should immediately seek out humor sites as a partial antidote to Trump induced PTSD.

On a serious note, as a Union Representative for over 32 years, I had occasion to represent too many military veterans with actual PTSD. This post is in no way meant to mock those brave veterans so afflicted. It is meant to mock Trump, CONway, and other habitual liars who use lies to divide.

After watching the correspondents dinner when Trump was roasted, the pure hatred he exhibited when he was the subject of the type of mockery that he uses against others, it is obvious that he must be mocked and humiliated.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with a Bowling Green Massacre Survivor

This really brings home the sheer.................something that we all associate with the events that could easily have happened on that horrible day.

Thanks Obama!!

Th real truth about the Bowling Green Massacre:

Sept 24th, 2016:

Memphis slaughters Bowling Green 77-3.

Think about that!!

And where is Memphis?

In Egypt. Yes, Egypt.

And who lives in Egypt? Egyptians.

And what are Egyptians? They are mainly Muslims.

So, while President Barack Hussein Scourge of the Infidels Obama was President, these poor people from Bowling Green were slaughtered by these people from Memphis.

And what did President Obama do about this?

Nothing. Actually, he watched the slaughter on television.

The horror.

And who was with him?

Hillary Clinton.

And now you know.

Trump Voter Shocked When Her Syrian Family Members Were Deported For No Reason

From the article:

It’s all fun and games until one of your family members gets deported, isn’t it?
That was certainly the case for one Donald Trump supporter, who cast her ballot for the Republican last fall but was left in disbelief when a handful of her Syrian relatives – two brothers-in-law, along with their wives and children – were deported after the new president signed a travel ban targeting Muslims and refugees.
According to a report from Public Radio International, the family members of Sarmad Assali, a Syrian American Trump supporter, have valid U.S. visas but were still deported to Damascus, Syria from Philadelphia International Airport.


I can feel sorry for the affected family members, but this is one example of an uninformed idiot casting what she thought was an informed vote.

As Lincoln said, you can fool some of the people all of the time. Welcome to the easily fooled club Ms. Assali.

Edited to add:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

They came for your family Ms Assali
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