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bilingual, bipedal homo sapien

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There have been many posts about the misogyny of many religious groups.

A misogyny that history suggests is probably echoed by most societies in human history.

Now some might argue that as humanity evolves past theism and embraces rationalism, this misogyny will lessen.

Is the problem of misogyny limited to religious people? No, as the following article suggests, it is a universal issue.


My suggestion is that people read this article and feel free to make comments about the issues raised.

Is it permitted to link to and comment about a post that was first posted in a protected group?

A few posters seem to feel that this is improper. But the TOS allow for alerting on posts in protected groups, so if an alert is proper, is linking to another post and commenting about it also proper?

I see it done constantly here.

It is too soon to talk about any more gun legislation.

We are all still grieving.

To your question of when it will be time, the answer is NEVER, because soon there will be another massacre, and another "too soon" waiting period.


The NRA.

Are theists overly sensitive to valid criticism of religion?

And if so, does this hyper-sensitivity inhibit open and productive dialogue?

I have seen this charge made twice in recent days. Are theists too sensitive to negative posts here, and too sensitive to valid criticisms here and elsewhere?

Perhaps. Perhaps we are so blinded by our own privilege that we cannot truly engage in discussion.

There was a response made recently about religion and theists. I felt that it was rude and insensitive. Please read the response and tell me what you think:

ibraltar72 (925 posts)
1. It is tragicomic how far people will go to

hang onto a myth that somehow validates their psychosis.


Am I wrong in assuming that this response equates belief in a religion with psychosis?

There was another post in another group that also dealt with theists. In this case the theists in question are Catholics. Please read the post and again, tell me what you think:

Reminder: They're not lunatics or imbeciles...
Last edited Tue Feb 20, 2018, 01:47 PM - Edit history (2)
...just overly sensitive catholics:

I guess we can't have a discussion of the apparent incongruities of religion...in the religion group...


Given that there are constant "discussions" about religion and what some see as incongruities, what does the poster really mean? And what does Sam Harris mean?

Benjamin Corey, Progressive Christian Blogger, Asks Me 4 Questions on Islam......

From the article:

Benjamin Corey and I have agreed to ask each other questions related to our respective faiths, and specifically the common views on Islam, Christmas, Jesus and Mary. We hope this will help promote cross channel understanding, and promote Christian-Muslim dialogue. Ben is the managing editor, and a blogger on the Progressive Christian Patheos channel.

Read more at http://www.patheos.com/blogs/askamuslim/2017/12/benjamin-corey-a-progressive-christian-blogger-asks-me-4-questions-on-islam-christmas-jesus-and-mary/#oMsGzc3WpBYAls8u.99

The Muslim Atheist and Friends: How To Peacefully Engage With Muslim Dissenters

From the article:

This essay is meant to be a primer on a series in which I analyse (sic) the thoughts of Muslim Dissenters whom I define as atheists, agnostics or ex-Muslims who still maintain links to the Islamic cultural matrix. Contrary to what the title suggests, I actually welcome their presence in Islamic discourse.....

After all, the title of the most infamous book on Muslim dissent out there is ‘The Atheist Muslim’ by my Facebook friend, Ali A. Rizvi. The subtitle of his book is ‘a journey from religion to reason’. What this implies or rather insinuates is that religion is devoid of reason and that the journey towards atheism involves the use of reason to dispel myths. This is clearly a privileged view of reason but it is not atypical of the New Atheist movement (whom I term as ‘Atheo-fascists’).

Read more at http://www.patheos.com/blogs/personalislam/2018/02/muslim-atheist-friends-peacefully-engage-muslim-dissenters/#odaIv4DZoabE5uMa.99

My day in Trump America (WARNING DARK HUMOR ALERT)

I woke up in my bunker. After checking the observation portal for any sign of an agent of our tyrannical government, I put on my Kevlar and buckled on my holster. Grasping my AR-15 firmly in hand, I walked my guard dog around the bunker, making sure to avoid the mines and razor wire.

Surviving that, I went back in and turned on FOX News as I prepared my breakfast. More news about potential gun grabbers coming for my weapons simply because there was another massacre at a school this month. why do these gun grabbers always want to politicize these things? Lots of countries have 18 massacres in 2 months. Well, some countries might have 18 massacres in 2 months. Those that do not are those countries where their tyrannical governments do not allow their citizens to carry weapons of self-defense. Poor unarmed citizens.

Getting ready to go out, I buckled on my vest, my arm guards, my knives, some brass knuckles, my 3 handguns, 1 visible, 2 concealed, and put my rifle on my back.

Then I picked up my Power Ranger lunch box and Mom walked me out to wait for the APC to take me to school.

Where is the "right to life movement" when children are killed at school?

Are school children too old, being definitely in a post-fetal phase, so to speak, of their lives?

Is the right to life a right that expires shortly after birth?

Is the right to life limited to rich white lives?

Is the right to life secondary to the right of some few (mainly) males to parade around with weapons?

Hey Muslims, Lets Join the NRA. We Could Help Solve Gun Violence.

From the article:

Another week, another mass shooting. This time in Parkland, Florida. The location? A high school. The death toll? Seventeen.
Yet three little letters make gun control nearly impossible in the United States: NRA. So how do you stop a group that’s been dubbed the “the baddest force in politics”..............?

Well, I may have an outside-the-box solution that would not require any loss of life: Why don’t all of America’s Muslims just join the NRA? Yep, all of them. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

To read more:


Now some might ask why I posted this here, in the Religion Group. It is because some people have branded Islam as a religion of violence.

Signs of progress in religion?

My wife and I attended a celebration service in honor of the life of a woman who recently died. We have known the family for many years, and the service was very inspirational both in format and content.

The family, and the deceased daughter, are/were mainline Protestant, and I was prepared for what I imagined that the service would be.

There were, as I expected, Scriptural readings from the Old and the New Testament, but there were also readings from the Koran as well as Buddhist sources.

The mother read from the Koran, and spoke of how Christians and Muslims worship the same God, but in a different fashion. The sister of the deceased read from Buddhist sources, and spoke of a spiritual journey.

When the Minister spoke, he embraced and agreed with these readings and the sentiments expressed, and spoke also of our common journey as theists in search of the Creator.

I live outside of Chicago, and this particular area is an island, so to speak, of GOP officeholders, in a generally blue area, so one might have expected the Minister and the Congregation to be more conservative in worship and sentiment, but this was more like a Unitarian service than what I felt it would be.

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