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bilingual, bipedal homo sapien

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Robert Mueller is building a beautiful wall.

Witness by witness, document by document, conviction by conviction, plea deal by plea deal, Mueller is slowly constructing a beautiful wall of evidence that, one hopes, will be used to bring Trump down and expose him as the lying crook that we all know him to be.

And we know that such a wall cannot be constructed in haste, nor can the builder make any comment at this time about the work. Let the work speak for itself.

To Force Billionaires Off Welfare, Sanders Tax Would Make Corporations Fund.......

To Force Billionaires Off Welfare, Sanders Tax Would Make Corporations Fund 100% of Public Assistance Their Low-Paid Workers Receive

From the article:

Amazon CEO and world's richest man Jeff Bezos makes more money in ten seconds than his company's median employee makes in an entire year, and thousands of Amazon workers are paid such low wages that they are forced to rely on food stamps, Medicaid, and other forms of government assistance to survive.

"While Mr. Bezos is the most egregious example, the Walton family of Walmart and many other billionaire-owned large and profitable companies also enrich themselves off taxpayer assistance while paying their workers poverty-level wages."
—Sen. Bernie Sanders

Declaring that this ever-growing gulf between the obscene wealth of top executives and the poverty wages of workers—which is hardly unique to Amazon—is morally unacceptable, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) announced on Friday that he will introduce legislation next month that would impose "a 100 percent tax on large employers equal to the amount of federal benefits received by their low-wage workers" in an effort to pressure corporate giants into paying a living wage.

To read more:


And yes, [proposing is not passing. But unless or until we change the narrative and the dialogue on the US, the 1% will continue to get richer at the expense of the rest of us.

Can independents refresh our debates over faith and politics?

From the article:

The fundamental question is one of causality. For decades, scholars and practitioners agreed that religion was the causal factor that, like sex, race or income, shaped political attitudes and behaviors. New research upends that assumption. Based on a wave of new studies, University of Pennsylvania professor Michele M. Margolis has convincingly shown that partisanship affects religiosity. This aligns with research suggesting that partisanship is a foundational social identity, driving rather than flowing from values and attitudes.

What does all this mean for religion? For one thing, we should look at how people bring their social and religious beliefs in line with their party instead of assuming their faith shapes their politics. This goes a long way toward explaining, for example, white evangelicals’ overwhelming support for President Trump despite his obvious deficiencies.

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In 'gOD-Talk' discussions, black millennials explore their faith, spirituality

From the article:

“Black millennials are sort of at the intersection of two broad patterns of American religiosity,” said Mohamed, who plans to present research as the project holds events across the country. “Black millennials on average are more religious and also more spiritual than other millennials and less religious and less spiritual than other blacks.”

While fewer than 4 in 10 African-American millennials say they attend services weekly, far more — 61 percent — say religion is very important to them. Six in 10 of them also say they pray daily and “feel spiritual peace and well-being at least weekly.” More than a third meditate at least once a week.

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It is simply not fair that the Democratic Party

has so many good Presidential candidates, while the GOP has Donald Trump as the alpha candidate.

what amuses me is to read and listen to pundits and politicians as they attempt to portray Trump as some sort of abberation.

Trump is, and has been, the GOP since 1968.

Reagan was a crude old white racist, but with a veneer of civility.

Trump is a crude old white racist who does not hide behind a white hood or coded language.

And both of them appeal to the white racists who are still fighting the Anerican civil war.

Catholics Are Desperate for Tangible Reforms on Clergy Sex Abuse

From the article:

In an unusually forthright letter “to the People of God” on Monday, Pope Francis himself seemed to agree that the Church’s structure presents a real problem. After calling for “a culture of care that says ‘never again’ to every form of abuse,” he identified what he sees as the major cause of the sex-abuse crisis: clericalism. It’s what you might call the “old-boys’ club” of the Church hierarchy—a system that gives the clergy immense influence over the laity, that exalts them with pomp and pageantry, and that some say has enabled many priests to abuse their power without accountability for too long.

“Clericalism, whether fostered by priests themselves or by lay persons … supports and helps to perpetuate many of the evils that we are condemning today,” Pope Francis wrote. “To say ‘no’ to abuse is to say an emphatic ‘no’ to all forms of clericalism."

To read more:


Amazing how some members of every institution place their own power and influence above their claimed mission.

Catholics seek encouragement as World Meeting of Families opens in Dublin

From the article:

As 750,000 Catholics gather in Dublin for the start of the World Meeting of Families, the week is shaping up to bring an intense mix of joy, learning and even some sadness as the long shadow of the clergy sexual abuse crisis proves inescapable.

To read more:


By Double-Digit Margin, Poll Shows Sanders Mopping the Floor With Trump in Latest 2020 Matchup

From the article:

Polling results released Wednesday by Politico/Morning Consult show that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who is widely speculated to make another run for the Oval Office in 2020, would beat President Donald Trump by double digits.

To read more:


Every such poll is merely a snapshot in time, but enough snapshots might indicate more.

How do we stop capitalism from killing the planet?

From the article:

The five warmest years in history have all come in the 2010s.
Glaciers are melting and causing sea levels to rise faster than scientists’ predictions.
Species are dying off at a pace that has led scientists to conclude that the earth’s sixth mass extinction is already underway.
An algae bloom along the Gulf Coast of the U.S. has killed 267 tons of marine life, with carcasses washing up on beaches and causing respiratory problems for residents.
Massive floods sweeping through Kerala, a state in southern India, have killed more than 350 people and displaced 800,000.

JUST AS there can be no doubt that a climate change disaster is already taking place, there can be no doubt about its cause: capitalism.
The source of environmental destruction, spreading pollution, immense waste and the failure to address the long-term effects of all of these is an economic and social system that prioritizes the profit and power of a few over the needs of the many.

To read more:


Why the bigots hate women's rights

From the article:

Since Ronald Reagan, Republican presidential candidates have run on a platform of restricting women’s reproductive rights to pander to anti-abortion forces who have a home in the Republican Party. And the Trump administration has been especially enthusiastic about this support.

Since taking office, the administration has rewarded the Religious Right for its support with several anti-women attacks, such as establishing, in the name of “religious liberty,” legal protections to medical staff who refuse to provide abortions or birth control....

ALL OF these attempts to restrict women’s right to choose are intertwined with the administration’s attacks on women more broadly, including an unrelenting stream of anti-women remarks coming from the president himself.

To read more:

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