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Trump Tax Returns Case Moves At Light Speed As Supreme Court Issues Formal Ruling

From the article:

The US Supreme Court granted the Manhattan district attorney’s request to immediately issue its judgment in the case over President Donald Trump’s tax returns, paving the way for new challenges to a grand jury subpoena to be handled by a lower court judge.

The district attorney asked for that time to be cut short, and Trump’s attorney agreed. Friday, Chief Justice John Roberts said the request is granted.

It usually takes 25 days for a judgment to formally issued by the Supreme Court. The speed-up means that the case is still on an accelerated timeline. Trump only has a month to add new challenges to the subpoena from the Manhattan DA.

To read more:


It is important to note, per the bolded section, that this does not mean an immediate release of Trump's returns, it simply accelerates the timetable.

Which virus is worse for the long term health of the nation?

Covid19, which has infected over 3,677,453 people, and killed over 140,888, or the stupidity virus which affects 37% of the population?

I would argue for the latter, the stupidity virus. We might find a vaccine for COVID19, but is there a vaccine to cure stupidity?

Khyati Y. Joshi argues equal religious freedom in America is an optical illusion

From the article:

The image of President Donald Trump standing in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church holding up a Bible perfectly encapsulates the point of Khyati Y. Joshi’s new book, “White Christian Privilege: The Illusion of Religious Equality in America.”

In the United States, one religion is more equal than others.

Joshi, professor of education at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey, argues that while America offers religious freedom, true religious equality is a myth.

In every way, Christianity, especially of the white Protestant variety, undergirds the nation’s institutions and practices. Other faiths are seen as abnormal or unusual.

To read more:


Fox News Cuts Off Trump's White House Rally And Pummels Him With A Fact Check

From the article:

Donald Trump held yet another taxpayer-funded campaign rally at the White House on Thursday, this time using pickup trucks and cranes to represent Obama-era regulations that have been eliminated since he took office in 2017.

Trump characterized the previous administration’s policies as a disaster for the economy, which was such a blatant lie that even Fox News had to cut off the campaign event and pummel the president with a fact check.

The network’s Neil Cavuto explained that most of the regulations enacted under Obama were meant to rein in banks and other financial institutions so the American people wouldn’t have to endure a reboot of the Great Recession.

To read/watch more:


Trump is running on, and at times away from, his own disastrous record.

An articulate Trump!!

I am listening to Mary Trump, and it is immediately obvious that she is intelligent. She speaks in complete, complex sentences.

She speaks in long sentences, with an actual point.

And what she is saying as an insider is, of course, obvious to all who know anything about Donald Trump.

Trump is an incoherent, unqualified, idiot.

We bought the book.

Nearly 60% of Voters Say There's Little Or No Chance They Will Vote For Trump

From the article:

The new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that 59% of voters said that there was little or no chance that they would vote for Trump.

NBC News:
And in the combined 11 battleground states — Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — Biden leads Trump by 12 points, 52 percent to 40 percent.

To read/here more:


Joe Biden Is Crushing Trump In Pennsylvania, 53%-40%

From the article:

Via the Monmouth University Poll as provided to PoliticusUSA:

Among all registered voters in Pennsylvania, Biden is supported by 53% and Trump by 40%, with 3% saying they will vote for another candidate and 4% who are undecided. Biden is in a relatively stronger position among his fellow Democrats (93% to 1%) than Trump is among Republican voters (84% to 12%). Biden also enjoys a wide margin among independent voters (54% to 33%).

To read more:


It is July, with nearly 4 months until the election. Plus, the GOP cheats. But this is a reason to be guardedly optimistic, and work harder.

Kayleigh McEnany: We Have to Use Science "In a Way That Is Not Political"

From the article:

Kayleigh McEnany criticized the “political” use of science on Monday as criticism of the Trump administration’s handling of Coronavirus continues to grow.

The White House Press Secretary was asked about one of Donald Trump’s retweets that promoted a conspiracy theory about doctors lying to hurt the President.

To read more:


Ironic that the Press Secretary for a President who has told over 20,000 lies lies once again as she attempts to reverse a reality that we can all see.

It is Trump who has politicized the pandemic by making it all about him and his candidacy.

Trump Claims The Confederate Flag Has Nothing To Do With Slavery

From the article:

Trump was asked by CBS News, “You understand why the flag is a painful symbol for many people because it’s a reminder of slavery.”

Trump answered, “People love it. I know people that love the confederate flag and not thinking of slavery. NASCAR, the flags all over the I think it’s freedom of speech, whether it’s confederate flags or black lives matter or anything else you want to talk about. It’s freedom of speech.”

To read more:


And the Nazi flag has nothing to do with Hitler, and KKK robes have nothing to do with racism.

Trump Throws A Fit After Getting Busted For Playing Nearly 3 Times More Golf Than Obama

From the article:

Obama made 102 trips to the golf course, while Trump has made 276 trips to the golf course as president, with the vast majority of those trips being to Trump-owned properties, which means that Donald Trump makes money off of the taxpayers while he golfs. The numbers are staggering. Trump has played golf every 4.92 days as president, while Obama golfed an average of every 8.77 days over eight years.

Amid a pandemic, Trump has not slowed down his golfing habit. Trump also has a notoriously light work schedule that usually runs from 11 AM-4 PM, and some of that time has built-in “executive time” which Trump uses for tweeting or talking to his friends on the phone.

To read more:


So to summarize, the man who has never worked a day in his life continues the pattern.
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