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Member since: Mon Jan 26, 2015, 06:15 PM
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bilingual, bipedal homo sapien

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What if the GOP convinces Trump to resign, or actually votes to impeach.

Where could the Trump cultists go?

The KKK is no longer open and active. While racism is still a huge force both institutionally and individually, there are simply not enough racists to compete with the big tent appeal of the Democratic Party.

The Nazis are a fringe group.

The proud boys are too few.

My premise is that if Trump either resigns or is impeached, angry Trump cultists will have few options. Do they refuse to engage with the GOP, fatally weakening it?

Do they form a third Party?

Do they vote for another GOP candidate?

It was revealed today that President Obama had asked the Ukrainian Government (sarcasm alert)

for help in the 2012 election.

It was further revealed that President Obama had implicitly threatened to withhold money earmarked for Ukraine if the help was not provided.

What if, in an alternate universe, that had been revealed about President Obama in 2013.

What would the right wing pundit corps have said?

What would the US corporate owned media have said?

What would Trump have said?

What would Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, or any other sitting GOP Congressperson have said?

Of course this is speculation, and sarcasm, but given the GOP's well known double standard....

Who in the GOP would vote to impeach Trump?

My opinion is that none of them would vote to remove Trump unless one or more saw it to be in their political interest to do so.

I cannot think of one national level GOP politician with any integrity.

Trump promised nothing to Volodymyr Zelensky.

In the limited sense that in all likelihood, Trump did not explicitly promise money to Ukraine as a reward for opening yet another investigation into the already disproven nonsense about Biden and the Ukraine.

When crooks meet, often what is asked for is cloaked in coded language. And that is done because the crooks know that their conversations might be recorded.

My opinion is that the thoroughly corrupted leaders of the GOP will decide that the appropriate meme here is to claim that only if there is a "smoking gun" of direct statements will they admit that Trump is a crook.

Donald Trump is a human Jenga tower of lies.

His first issue is that he is a crook. One reason that he is a crook is because he is a terrible businessman. He cannot make money legitimately.

All of his business history, except for the reality television fantasy that was "The Apprentice", bas been a story of failure, bailouts by his father, numerous bankruptcies, and over 4,500 lawsuits against him for non-payment of bills.

And, of course, we know of his dealings with the American Mafia and the Russian mafia/oligarch/Putin cartel.

He is a terrible businessman because he is not very smart. Anyone who listens to Trump speak cannot escape the conclusion that he is incoherent and incompetent in literally every field of knowledge. He knows nothing about anything except bullying.

And the problem with being incompetent, and a crook, is that Trump must lie to cover up his crimes.

And the problem with being a life long liar, and a crook, is that every time any bit of actual truth is revealed about Trump's 10,000 plus lies, Trump's story must change to accommodate and explain his lies.

The final problem?

The leadership of the GOP will do anything to support him, and 35% of Americans think he is a good President.

There is a photo of Melania Trump here:


She looks embalmed, and almost lifelike. Did being married to Trump turn her into a zombie?

If anyone wishes to repost the picture here, please feel free.

The GOP is truly a one Party group in a two Party system.

And that summarizes it completely.

The GOP has no interest in being bipartisan. They see any compromise as weakness.

The GOP has no interest in negotiating because it is their way or nothing.

The GOP has no intertest in solving the many problems in this country, including, but not limited to:

climate change,

wage stagnation,

the healthcare crisis,

the economic crisis,

white collar crime,

white supremacy,

election security,

and so many other issues.

While Trump Tweets, Nancy Pelosi Unveils Proposal to Lower Drug Prices

From the article:

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released proposed legislation on Thursday that would allow the federal government to negotiate the prices of hundreds of prescription drugs for Medicare healthcare beneficiaries as well as other consumers.
Americans pay the highest prices for prescription drugs in the world, as most other developed nations have single-payer systems with the government negotiating prices for its people.

To read more:


GOP politicians love to talk about offering a plan for US residents, but the Democrats actually offer something of substance.

Why not adopt the US health insurance model for automobile insurance as well?

Under that system, you would be restricted in what repair facilities you could use.

You would have to get all repairs pre-approved.

You would have no idea what the actual total cost of the repair would be.

Your insurance could reject your claim for repairs, and insist on a second or third opinion.

Every repair facility would need to hire people specifically tasked to dealing with the hundreds of companies offering car repair insurance.

Ridiculous you say? But this is how the US healthcare profit making machine works.

New Iowa Poll Finds Warren Surging, Sanders Fading, and Biden Leading

From the article:

A new Iowa poll shows Joe Biden with a narrow two-point lead over Elizabeth Warren as Pete Buttigieg has taken over third and Bernie Sanders is in fourth.
The new Focus On Rural America Iowa poll found, “Compared to the most recent poll in July, gains have been seen for Biden, Warren, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar, while support for Sanders and Harris has fallen. Tom Steyer receives 3% in the first time his name was included in the menu of candidates.”

To read more:

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