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Member since: Mon Jan 26, 2015, 06:15 PM
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bilingual, bipedal homo sapien

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The Night Before Christmas Version 2015

I went to sleep last night after watching Faux News. I should have known that was a mistake, but I did it and had the strangest dream. What follows is the dream, as best as I can remember. I hope it does not frighten anyone:

T'was the night before x-mas in right wing fantasy land,
and no same sex couples could walk hand in hand.
The airwaves were all filled with Limbaugh and Beck
No filthy rap music, no word stronger than heck.

The 60's never happened, all protest and sex
No loud rock and roll the elders to vex.
By law all must say Merry Christmas each day
No non-Christian words or customs hold sway.

No falafel or couscous, no kufta to eat
All-American hotdogs are sold on the street
No hijab, daishiki, or kufi are worn
no beards upon men, no blue jeans are torn.

All those who hunger must bow down in shame
it is their own fault, only they are to blame
the same for the homeless, the needy and poor
any who protest will be shown the door.

the news is all filled with sports, sex, and fluff
no talk about issues and boring old stuff
the movies all celebrate American might
we are the strongest, and power makes right

the papers are gone, who needs all that writing
t'was hateful old stuff, kept us all from uniting
our music is all patriotic and loud
no protest song singing for the Tea Party crowd

no anti-war songs, or soft Kumbaya
just songs about Dixie, apple pie and ma
As I sat on the porch I heard such a thump
on the radio speaking was President Trump....

at that point I woke up with a scream and realized it was just a bad dream. At least this year. And to any who feel that a President Trump is impossible, turnout decides. A divided Democratic Party could make this scenario a reality.

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