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Guns are designed specifically to kill.

When I wrote that statement in another thread I did not expect to have some gun types attempt to explain that guns are not designed to kill.

I was told by one responder that guns are designed for lawful use. Now what exactly is the lawful use that the responder referred to?

Is it self-defense? If so, can that self-defense not include killing another?

But the argument here is not about self defense, a deflection, it is about the essential function of a gun. And a gun is designed specifically to kill. Nothing else. And a gun with a high capacity magazine makes it much easier to kill multiple people.

I read the silly nonsense that people are killed with bats. Change the last word to screwdriver, or rope, or bricks, or rocks and the same nonsensical argument can be attempted, but of all the things referred to here, only guns have as their sole purpose the facilitation of killing people and animals.

So if you are a gun rights type, a Second Amendment type, or however you define your position, know that the instrument which you insist should be legal to carry is designed to kill people. Embrace that element because no amount of rationalization can eliminate that fact.

A brutal fact that apparently makes some gun rights types uncomfortable.
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