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Good news?: Outlaw pastor Rob Bell shakes up the Bible Belt

From the article:

The reason why this person got elected in many ways can be traced to a misreading of scripture," Bell said. "The way of Jesus is the way of nonviolence, it's love of the other. The story of Exodus is remembering you were once wandering slaves, so whatever you do be kind to the widow, the orphan, the immigrant among you. So when a nation of immigrants starts putting up travel bans, you have officially lost the plot."

To read more:


Scientists, theologians ponder if latest biological findings are more compatible with religion

From the article:

Unlike the earlier views, which seemed to lead toward either agnosticism or atheism, the theologians see this “new biology” or “holistic biology” as more compatible with religious belief.............

But he added: “It would be naive to imagine that the grander questions about biology, religion, the humanities and evolutionary theory generally have been put to death.”

To read more:


Good news: A philosopher argues why no one has the right to refuse services to LGBT people

From the article:

Ever since the Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges that gay people have the right to marry, those upset by this ruling have shifted their strategy from denying the right to limiting its enforcement.
Even if gay people have a right to marry, they argue, people also have the liberty to practice their religion as they wish. Accordingly, they claim, they cannot be forced to “aid or abet” those seeking to marry partners of the same sex...................
So when people claim that aiding and abetting gay marriage would infringe on their religious liberty, in most cases what they must mean is that this would violate their particular conception of positive liberty – their particular conception of how we each should live, a conception that is based on their religious views.

To read more:


Good news in that it contributes to the necessary dialogue. Bad is that in 2017 many people still insist on their claimed right to treat others as second class citizens.

Bad news:Richard Dawkins, shunned in Berkeley, finds new venue nearby

From the article:

Richard Dawkins, the famed evolutionary biologist and ardent critic of religion, found a new San Francisco-area venue to host his current book tour after his planned Berkeley appearance was abruptly canceled.

To read more bad news:


Yes, Dawkins is ignorant, and loudly opinionated, and fond of his own celebrity, but to cancel the event is censorship. Freedom of speech is also the freedom to speak disagreeably.

Good news: Religious leaders respond to Trumps transgender military ban

From the article:

Religious leaders were quick to react to President Trump’s tweeted announcement that transgender people will not be allowed to serve in the U.S. military.

To read more:


Good news: Clergy march in a funeral procession to protest health care repeal

From the article:

For the third week in a row, clergy showed up on Capitol Hill to protest Senate action on health care.
As in past weeks, some were arrested.
But on this Tuesday (July 25), the group ratcheted up the drama by marching to the Capitol, carrying a cardboard coffin and poster-sized death certificates for those who would lose health insurance.

To read more:


I realize that by captioning this "good news" I am revealing my own opinion of the news. My labelling this as "good news" is merely a personal observation. Yours may differ and I respect that difference.

I say "good news" because I believe that this is yet another instance of people of faith working for social justice for all.

Evangelical Trump supporters hark back to the good old days that werent

From the article:

I am constantly asked why in last year’s presidential election 81 percent of white conservative Christians voted for Donald Trump, a thrice-married, self-proclaimed womanizer whose personal behavior, religious practices and lifestyle are far different than the majority of evangelical churchgoers. The answer is not hard to find.
Trump’s winning mantra — “Make America Great Again” — was congruent with a wishful return to the Protestant hegemony that once existed in the United States back in the Eden-like “good old days.”
In the recollections of many evangelicals, America was then a tranquil, moral land deeply rooted in a specific set of traditional Christian values: the shining city on the hill, an idyllic small-town nation dominated by a white male leadership group.


Amazing how people can remember what never really existed.

Regarding John McCain and the GOP attempt to remove healthcare protections.

We are probably in general agreement at this site that the only real goal of the GOP is to remove healthcare protection from millions of voters in order to provide more money to the already too rich in the form of another tax cut.

We know that McConnell has failed so far in his attempts to pass various iterations of this toxic bill. And we all know that McConnell needs nearly every GOP vote if he is to be successful.

Right now, Senator John McCain has promised to be on the Senate floor for the voting. We also know that McCain's reputation as a maverick is totally undeserved because when his vote is needed he is a reliable lockstep GOP Senator.

My question relates to his illness, and the reaction of some here to that illness. Without identifying the post, or the posters, some here expressed no sympathy to McCain's situation, stating that because McCain is willing to vote for the GOP bill he and his family deserve no sympathy.

My response to that is that if we behave that way, no matter the outcome of the voting, the GOP has already won.


Where are the conservatives of principle?

I ask this because I cannot find any GOP politicians who will stand up to Trump and his foolishness.

I cannot find any GOP politicians who will actually stand for the ideals that they claim as motivation.

I cannot find any conservative faith leaders who will disavow Trump and his morality.

I cannot find a George H. W. Bush to denounce Trump's supply-side economic plan as voodoo economics. Of course we all remember how the elder Bush abandoned THAT criticism after Reagan picked him to run as Vice-President. So much for Bush's claim to integrity.

Reading about the rise of Adolf Hitler, one thing that stands out is the fact that Germans failed to denounce Hitler or his tactics. And that lack of denunciation emboldened Hitler to become increasingly dictatorial and aggressive.

The myth of the "Rust Belt reactionaries"

From the article:

AFTER TRUMP'S election in November, we all experienced shock and horror.........

But in those early days after the election--you probably remember--mainstream news outlets all sounded the same alarm. The headlines were so similar: "How Trump won: The revenge of working-class whites" from the Washington Post); "The revenge of the white man" from Time; "Revenge of the forgotten class" from (ProPublica; "Revenge of the Rural Voter" from Politico; and "Why Trump Won: Working-class Whites" from New York Times......

They settled on a slice of voters--who they labeled white working-class--in the key Midwestern swing states of Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio, who voted for Trump.

To read more:


As they article goes on to discuss, this myth has no basis in fact, but it makes it easy to divide people into "low information uneducated voters" and higher educated and presumably more liberal voters.
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