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bilingual, bipedal homo sapien

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China Has Highest Percentage of Atheists in the World, Gallup Survey Says

From the article:

The study, which explored religious tendencies of 66,000 people in 68 countries across the world in 2017, has found that 67 percent of Chinese citizens do not believe in religion; only 9 percent identify as religious, according to The Inquirer.

To read more:


The study was conducted by Gallup.

So, in this country where a clear majority are atheists, how much better is life there than in the many countries where theists are in the majority?

Well, there are concentration camps, but the Government calls then reeducation camps. It sounds better.

And in the Uighur areas, many families are being forced to host a Han Chinese personal spy to search for signs of religion and other deviant thought.

And workers rights are nearly non-existent.

And the Government controls every attempt at religious expression, including appointing priests.

And at one time, there was a strict policy regarding how many children a family could have.

And there were the millions killed as Mao imposed his own version of a workers paradise free from theism.

Feel free to add to this list of accomplishments.

Donald Trump is ahead of Barack Obama in so many ways.

Sorry, fellow progressives, but facts are facts. Allow me to make my case.

First, Trump has 3 times as many wives as Obama.

Second, Trump has 2 times as many ex-wives as Obama.

Third, Trump has declared bankruptcy many times more than Obama.

Fourth, Trump has been sued for non-payment about 4500 times more than Obama.

Fifth, Trump wears a much bigger suit than Obama.

Sixth, Trump has taken far more vacations in 2 years than Obama did in 8 years.

I could continue, but it is clear that Trump has exceeded Obama's performance in so many ways.

Reply #9 has some excellent additions.

Top Conservative Commentator Lays Into Trump For Calling Troops 'Suckers' During Photo-Op In Iraq

From the article:

Former conservative radio host Charlie Sykes laid into Donald Trump on Wednesday for not only politicizing his visit to a combat zone in Iraq but also for calling U.S. troops “suckers.”
During an appearance on MSNBC’s Hardball, Sykes said, “You need to step back and reflect on the crass transactionalism of a president of the United States who would imply that men and women that served their country in the Middle East, perhaps given their lives, were suckers.”

To read more:


Trump respects no one and nothing. But the most deplorable among us continue to support him.

25 Ways the Canadian Health Care System Is Better Than The US System

From the article:

Dear America:
Costly complexity is baked into Obamacare. No health insurance system is without problems but Canadian-style single-payer— full Medicare for all— is simple, affordable, comprehensive and universal.
In the early 1960s, President Lyndon Johnson enrolled 20 million elderly Americans into Medicare in six months. There were no websites. They did it with index cards!
Below please find 25 ways the Canadian health care system is better than the chaotic U.S. system.
Replace it with the much more efficient Medicare-for-all: everybody in, nobody out, free choice of doctor and hospital. It will produce far less anxiety, dread, and fear.
Love, Canada

To read more:


It is difficult to argue with a cheaper and more efficient way to provide healthcare to all as a right, but in a system where profit counts for more than people, thata rgument will be made.

To See Who Stands With People Over Lobbyists,

To See Who Stands With People Over Lobbyists, Progressive Campaign Pressures Democrats to Quickly Hold Vote on Medicare for All

From the article:

With a deep-pocketed coalition of industry lobbyists, former Obama and Clinton campaign officials, and establishment Democrats already crafting their talking points and formulating their strategy to undercut Medicare for All, progressive advocacy groups are ramping up pressure on the incoming Democratic House to combat these corporate forces by quickly pushing ahead with single-payer legislation in the new Congress.

In a petition circulated this week, the grassroots advocacy group Progressive Change Campaign Commitee (PCCC) is calling on the new House Democratic majority to advance toward a vote on Medicare for All legislation as soon as possible.
"Big corporation lobbyists are spending millions trying to override the will of the people and kill Medicare for All before the fight even starts. That's why it's imperative that Congress sees that Americans haven't forgotten about Medicare For All now that the election is over. This fight is just beginning," PCCC declared in an email to supporters.

To read more:


Pundits will of course insist that we move very slowly, if at all, toward any change that might interfere with the very profitable healthcare industries pursuit of profits at the expense of people.

And we will be told that single payer is unaffordable, or that our taxes will skyrocket. But these assertions are easily rebutted by the fact that the US is ranked 37th, not 1st, in healthcare access and outcomes.

And every other country with a single payer system offers better coverage to its citizens for less than the US spends on its own inferior system.

More Chaos: Treasury Secretary May Be Next in Cabinet Fired By Trump

From the article:

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin made a bad stock market situation worse over the weekend, and now he may be the next Trump cabinet member to receive a tweet from the president saying “you’re fired.”
As the stock markets have dropped precipitously in recent weeks, Trump has been looking for scapegoats. He would like to fire the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, but he can’t do that just because he is not happy with the Fed’s moves to increase interest rates.

To read more:


All of Trump's many problems have been caused by his own well known inability to make good decisions, and by his need to cover up his many criminal acts.

Let he who is without cognitive bias cast the first lecture.

I read an interesting sermon this morning on the subject of cognitive bias.

The one giving the sermon, or the lecture if any prefers, claims with zero evidence that the impulse to religion arises from the reptile brain. And that baseless claim is itself an interesting display of something, but it hardly qualifies as evidence of anything other than the cognitive bias of the one preaching, or lecturing.

And often I read pieces claiming that non-theism is the more logical position on the theism versus non-theism debate.

Again, another instance of cognitive bias on the part of anyone making the point, but hardly proof of anything other than humans do suffer from cognitive bias in many ways.

The impulse to spirituality, which evolved, so to speak, into more formalized things such as religion, is one that has been with us probably since we evolved enough sentience to think abstractly.

While our brains can use logic, we cannot remove emotion from our thinking.

Another Trump KKKristmas KKKarol

Trump’s dreaming of an alt-right KKKristmas
Just like the ones he used to know
Where the white robes glisten and brown folks listen
To crosses burning in the snow

Trump’s dreaming of an alt-right KKKristmas
With every lying tweet he writes
May his days be Mueller free and bright
And may all his KKKristmases be white

Trump’s dreaming of an indictment free KKKristmas,
Just like the ones he used to know
With no rats testifying, conspirators lying,
And wondering what does Mueller know.

Trump’s dreaming of an alt-right KKKristmas,
With every KKKristmas tweet he writes
May his days be locked up all tight
And may every Trump KKKristmas be alt-right.

I hope Trump wakes up shivering every night.

Some brief holiday thoughts

As the Trump Administration stumbles its way, with a Government shutdown, and the Mueller investigation still proceeding, we should also focus on the many positives this year.

First, the GOP lost 40 seats and control of the House. And among those new Democratic house members are 2 Muslim women, and many more progressive female and male voices.

Second, Mueller has indicted 33 people, 7 people have admitted guilt in plea deals, and 3 companies have also been indicted.

Third, Trump’s popularity has dropped more than the stock market.

Fourth, even FOX is starting to speak an occasional tiny amount of truth about Trump.

Fifth, his Administration is in disarray because no one wants to work with an out of control imbecile.

Last, but not least, more and more people are linking up and working against Trump and the GOP policies. And part of this linkage is the online community, including this site.

I live in a very blue area of a blue state, and in my area, there are many progressive groups, some going back decades. But for those who live in red areas, DU is an important resource and an important place for progressives to learn that they are not alone. Even in the reddest of areas, we can meet people here from those areas.

So, in spite of the fact that Trump is still pretending to be the President, more and more people are awakening to his toxicity, and the general toxicity of the GOP political philosophy.

Finally, I extend my personal thanks for this valuable online space, and the many intelligent people I have met here. While we often disagree, sometimes strongly, I think we are united in so many ways.

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