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Member since: Mon Jan 26, 2015, 06:15 PM
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bilingual, bipedal homo sapien

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Historical Revisionism 101

As George Orwell well knew, what we call history can be divided into 2 things.

First, what actually happened.

Second, what is the agreed upon version of what happened.

An example:

First: The US settlers did their best to commit genocide on the First Peoples of this country.

Second: Mistakes were made, but they were made with the best intentions.

One reflects a deliberate choice, the other is designed to make people feel better about what was done.

Another example:

Reagan was a racist and a traitor or dealing with the Iranian Government in the hostage situation. But that racism was ignored by the corporate media.

One of the things that distiunguishes Democrats from the GOP:

We should and must fight back when the GOP attempts to rewrite history.

I wrote a post calling Bush Sr a racist, lying traitor. And that is exactly what he was. So, why should we ignore what he was while the US corporate media makes the racist lying traitor into a saint?

That is how the GOP rewrites history.

They did it for Reagan when that racist lying traitor died, and they will do it now that Bush Sr has died.

And they will do it when Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney die.

George H. W. Bush has died.

It is appropriate to feel sympathy for the family's loss. And he was a President.

But in all of what will be endless recounting of his WW II service, it is good to remember the entire reality of the man.

First, while a candidate in 1980, he called supply side economic theory voodoo economics. But after he was picked by Reagan, or Reagan's handlers, for the job of Vice President, he supported the concept that he had called voodoo economics. And he said nothing when Reagan played the race card in his campaign.

So he was a political opportunist who supported something that he knew was a bad idea, but an idea that profited his family at the expense of the 99%.

And during the campaign, he committed treason by dealing with the Iranian Government to keep Americans hostage so Reagan could win.

And during his own campaign for President, one of his advisers, Lee Atwater, devised the Willie Horton ad, a shameful bit of racist hate that was a direct appeal to racist voters.

So to me, Bush Sr. was simply one more racist, lying, GOP rich man.

New Study Shows Medicare for All Would Save US $5.1 Trillion Over Ten Years

'Easy to Pay for Something That Costs Less': New Study Shows Medicare for All Would Save US $5.1 Trillion Over Ten Years

From the article:

Confronting the question most commonly asked of the growing number of Americans who support replacing America's uniquely inefficient and immoral for-profit healthcare system with Medicare for All—"How do we pay for it?"—a new paper released Friday by researchers at the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) shows that financing a single-payer system would actually be quite simple, given that it would cost significantly less than the status quo.
"It's easy to pay for something that costs less," Robert Pollin, economics professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and lead author of the new analysis, declared during a panel discussion at The Sanders Institute Gathering in Burlingon, Vermont, where Pollin unveiled the paper for the first time.

To read more:


And how do we get more for less? By eliminating the for-profit middlemen which eats up 20% of premiums, a well as eliminating the need for providers to deal with a multitude of insurers.

We do not restrict access to other needs by using for-profit middlemen.

You do not go to your insurance company to buy a car, or a house.

There is no need for insurance companies to be in the health care system. Other than their need to profit by denying care.

If anyone likes the name Abcde that much,

they should change their own name to Abcde and live with it.

They should not burden their own child with such a creation.

My view.

My Journey From 'Moderate' Muslim to Seeker of Love (a Sufi)

From the article:

……….Islam came alive. It wasn’t a rigid, dogmatic system of rituals, dress codes and obligations, but a direct experience of Divine Compassion and Mercy. It wasn’t a religion of fear, but a tender, beautiful path toward Unconditional Love. Rather than a label or identity, it was a state of being in surrender to the natural flow of the Divine Reality, or Allah.....

Essentially the sufi way is about knowing myself and my wounds more deeply, something our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, counselled is essential on the path to truly knowing the Divine that is closer to us than our jugular veins. What I’ve discovered is that I’m someone, like anyone, who has idiosyncrasies and mental knots, obstacles and conditioned behaviors that I need to decode with care and compassion.

To read more:


On a personal note, and speaking as a Christian, my readings of the Sufi poet Rumi have given me fresh insight into my own experiences and faith.

Crystal Cathedral, home to the 'Hour of Power,' transforms into Catholic seat

From the article:

For nearly 30 years, the Rev. Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral was not only a religious landmark, but an architectural wonder and an embodiment of flush times in Southern California’s Orange County...…

Around the turn of the 21st century, Schuller’s large following of white evangelicals was aging, and the population of nonwhite residents in California was increasing. Membership and donations to Crystal Cathedral began to decline. The cathedral filed for bankruptcy in 2010.
At the same time, the Roman Catholic Church started seeing an increase in Southern California.
In 1976, the Diocese of Orange consisted of about 300,000 Catholics. Today, the numbers are closer to 1.6 million, supporting 62 parishes, 41 schools, three hospitals and care centers and a number of agencies serving the poor, according to The Orange County Register.

To read more:


The RCC in Orange County has increased rom 300,000 to approximately 1.6 in 42 years. But that increase must not be seen as anything other than a local trend.

The left and our fight against anti-Semitism

From the article:

AFTER THE massacre of 11 Jews in Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue in late October, people flocked to social media and to the streets with messages of unity and collective opposition to the anti-Semitism behind the killing.
It didn’t take long, however, for the forces of racism and reaction to turn their outrage on the main people capable of mobilizing opposition to the rising tide of anti-Semitism: broadly speaking, the left and the social movements...….

Yet after last month’s shooting, much of the mainstream response was cut from the same cloth as Trump’s.....

It’s almost as if the voices of mainstream politics forgot exactly what happened at a Shabbat service — a bris, or baby naming, no less — just a few weeks ago. So let’s review what did happen:
A Nazi — an avowed white supremacist who critiqued Donald Trump for being too influenced by powerful Jews — entered a synagogue and murdered 11 Jews while yelling, “All Jews must die.”

To read more:


In our area near Chicago, an admitted Nazi received over 56,000 votes as he ran against the incumbent Democrat in the Il 3rd District.

56,000 votes for an actual Nazi.

Aiming to 'Revitalize Our Democracy,' Sanders Institute to Host 250 Progressive Leaders...

From the article:

With the stated mission of "revitalizing our democracy," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Jane O'Meara Sanders are hosting a gathering of 250 progressive thinkers, politicians, and activists this weekend in Burlington, Vermont, where they'll discuss bold solutions to persistent inequality, the climate crisis, human rights violations, and other issues in the U.S. and around the world.
The inaugural Sanders Institute Gathering—which Common Dreams plans to cover over the three days—will include panel discussions and speeches including an opening keynote speech given by the senator on Thursday evening, as well as appearances by author Naomi Klein and Cornel West; politicians such as Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz; economists Stephanie Kelton and Jeffrey Sachs; former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis; U.S. labor leaders Roseann DeMoro and Peter Knowlton; organizers Bill McKibben and Nina Turner; and many others.

To read more:


Proof that at least one parallel universe exists. With an alternate America.

One very similar to our own, but with significant differences.

In the parallel universe, the USA is called Trumplandia. While it may look similar to the America in this universe, in the universe where Trumplandia exists:

The Second Amendment to the Constitution states: The right of white people to keep, bear, and use arms to defend their privilege will not be infringed.

The 14th Amendment never passed. There was no need because:

The American civil war resulted in slavery being legal in all 50 states.

The 19th Amendment never passed.

Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump won their elections without cheating and committing treason.

Hanoi was obliterated by an atomic bomb.

Donald Trump is a well respected billionaire who is successfull in everything he does. And when he defeated HRC in 2016, he won all 50 states and every Electoral vote.

I could go on with this excercise, but when talking to Trump voters, one cannot escape the fact that what they believe to be true is so divorced from observable reality that only a parallel universe can explain it.


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