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bilingual, bipedal homo sapien

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If Trump's approval rating is at 36%, who are these people?

My contention is that most of the rich support Trump and the GOP for financial reasons.

But the vast majority of Trump supporters, in my view, are racists and/or uninformed.

The racists are easy to sort out. They are the ones who echo Trump's own racist hate speech.

The uninformed are those of whom Abraham Lincoln one said: "you can fool some of the people all of the time".

So my only question is: what percentage are uninformed, and what percentage are racists, and what percentage are both?

From 'Judeo-Christian' to 'Potluck Nation,' Eboo Patel pleads for religious pluralism

From the article:

Eboo Patel, a Muslim social activist who was born in India, is best-known as the founder and president of the Interfaith Youth Core, a nonprofit organization that partners with some 500 American colleges and universities to work on interfaith programming.
Now he’s written a new book, “Out of Many Faiths: Religious Diversity and the American Promise” (Sept. 4), the third in a series of books by scholars addressing issues of diversity called “Our Compelling Interests.”
In it, he offers a passionate defense of American religious diversity as one of the seminal features of U.S. democracy, stretching back to the vision of the Founding Fathers, who he says got it “exactly right.” He also proposes a new narrative to replace the Judeo-Christian motto with “Potluck Nation,” which he thinks better describes today’s religious diversity.

To read more:


'Great Victory for Indigenous Communities Everywhere': Canadian Court Rescinds Trans Mountain...

'Great Victory for Indigenous Communities Everywhere': Canadian Court Rescinds Trans Mountain Approval

From the article:

Indigenous peoples and climate campaigners scored a major victory in Canada on Thursday as the Federal Court of Appeals ruled that the government's review of the controversial Trans Mountain Pipeline, a project of Kinder Morgan, did not adequately consult with First Nations before greenlighting the project.

To read more:


Former press secretary of anti-immigrant hate group FAIR alleges he was discriminated against...

Former press secretary of anti-immigrant hate group FAIR alleges he was discriminated against and taunted for being Mexican American

From the article:

The former press secretary of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) filed an official complaint Tuesday against his ex-employer, alleging discrimination and harassment, even at the hands of leaders at the organization.
In the complaint filed with the Washington, D.C., Office of Human Rights, Joe Gomez described being subjected to harassment based on race, national origin and disability.

To read more:


Black Power during the other '68 (1868)

From the article:

FROM THE urban rebellions to the salute at the Olympics, commemorations of 1968 — a pivotal year of Black Power — have appeared in news headlines throughout this anniversary year. Yet 2018 also marks the 150th anniversary of 1868 — the height of Black Power during Reconstruction.
It’s not surprising that this anniversary has been ignored. Reconstruction is given short shrift in classrooms across the country and history textbooks tend to focus their narrative on the battles between the president and Congress. The year 1868 comes up in textbooks as significant only because of the election of Ulysses S. Grant. This focus on those at the top misses the groundswell of activity that made the year so explosive.

To read more:


The charge against Vigan must now be investigated

From the article:

Sufficient reason would be if in 2014 Viganò himself, as nuncio, put a stop to the investigation of the then-archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis, John Nienstedt, who had been credibly accused of sexual abuse. On Sunday, Viganò issued a statement denying that he did anything of the sort.

To read more:


New poll finds even religious Americans feel the good vibrations

From the article:

The poll shows that beyond a small band of reliably predictable “Sunday Stalwarts,” as the survey calls them, American religiosity is pretty casual, with less than a quarter of Americans attending worship services weekly but nearly all religious groups adhering to some New Age beliefs.
The poll, which grouped 4,729 Americans into seven types, found that though few Americans reject God altogether, most Americans mix traditional faith with beliefs in psychics, reincarnation and spiritual energy that they say can be found in physical objects such as mountains, trees and crystals.

Taken in December, the poll examined beliefs and behaviors that cut across many denominations using a method called cluster analysis, which produced seven broad religious typologies. The researchers gave these types pithy names such as “Spiritually Awake” and “Religion Resisters.” Those who believe in no God Pew dubbed the “Solidly Secular.”


Some scholars have argued that society is not necessarily becoming more secular; instead traditional religions are giving way to new forms of spirituality that are supplanting, but not always replacing churchgoing.

To read more:


The GOP controls all 3 branches of the Federal Government.

They can pass nearly anything that they wish to pass.

So why have they not passed a law banning abortion? They have the votes in both Houses of Congress, and a President who declared that he would sign such a law, and a right wing SCOTUS to validate the law.

What if this is Hell, and we are all condemned to an eternity of President Trump.

It is possible that Trump was never actually the President.

It is possible that we are all dead, still progressives, and we do not realize it.

It is possible that if we are dead, and if we are in Hell, that Trump will be the President for eternity.

On the bright side, even if we are dead, and in Hell, that means that Trump is not President for the living.

Sanders vs. Amazon Intensifies as Senator Stands With Struggling Workers Against World's Richest Man

From the article:

Bottom line: No one working for the wealthiest person on Earth should have to rely on food stamps. No one working for a man who earns $260 million a day should be forced to sleep in their car. Yet that is what's happening at Amazon.

To read more:


The same can be said, and has been said, about the Walton family. When these predatory corporations pay a sub-living wage, and when these corporations hand out literature to their new employees showing them how to apply for state or Federal aid, they are externalizing their costs onto the taxpayers.

Why should American workers subsidize these billionaires?
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