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Member since: Mon Jan 26, 2015, 06:15 PM
Number of posts: 42,057

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bilingual, bipedal homo sapien

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Joe Biden Lights Up The Heartland As He Blasts Putin Puppet Trump Before Iowa Rally

From the article:

Biden said:

Health care. Climate. Guns. National Security. All these issues and more are on the ballot.
But something else is on the ballot. Something even more important. Character is on the ballot. America’s character.
I don’t believe we’re the dark, angry nation we see in Donald Trump’s tweets.

I don’t believe we’re a nation that rips babies out of their mothers’ arms.
I don’t believe we’re a nation that builds walls and whips up hysteria over immigrant invasions...…..

To read/watch more:


I do not believe it either Mr. Biden. Well said.

51 to 49 against calling witnesses. My prediction.

That way, there is no tie, and Justice Roberts and the GOP Senate can keep up the pretense that this was an actual trial.

And Susan "concerned" Collins can pretend to be a moderate.

Purity Police Pick Perfect President!!

By my count, (and I am notoriously bad at counting when I run out of fingers), there have been 10,945,726 posts revealing that at some point in the past 100 years, candidate X said something objectionable about policy Y.

In addition, (again with the math references), candidate Y was at one time clearly wrong about position Z.

So what is to be done about these clearly non-perfect candidates who are currently running for President?

In my view, the first objective is to defeat Trump, and as many Trump supporting and enabling candidates as possible.

Second, we must admit that no matter who we currently support in the primary season, that person at some time in the past said something objectionable.

Third, if my/your favored candidate does not win the nomination, at the Presidential or Congressional level, get over it, and support the Democratic candidate. Any of our candidates are far better than any GOP candidates.

Old age is like the horizon.

One can see it in the distance, but one never arrives there.

That is what I say to myself, and to my wife, when we are walking.

Trump Moves To Cut Medicaid As His Deficit Is Projected to Hit $1 Trillion

From the article:

ou probably remember when Donald Trump promised as a candidate that he wouldn’t cut Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security. Mercurial Trump has changed his mind now that he’s sent the deficit running toward the $1 trillion dollar mark. Now is the time to cut Medicaid and really stick it to the poor to pay for his $1.5 trillion in tax cuts that mainly help the rich.....

A few days ago while at Davos, Trump again signaled a willingness to cut Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, or as the media and Republicans call them, “entitlements.”
Because Trump talks out of both sides of his mouth, what he puts down on paper is indisputable and his last several budgets also made cuts to the social safety net, with 2020 cutting $1.5 trillion from Medicaid, $845 billion from Medicare and $25 billion from Social Security. Of course the money is there, it’s just going to defense spending, with an $861 billion increase.

To read more:


"Blackburn lying in the dead of the night"

With apologies to the Beatles.

Blackburn lying in the dead of night
Take your lying lips and learn to speak
Only truth
You were only waiting for your moment to tell lies

Blackburn lying in the dead of night
Take your shifty eyes and learn to see
All the truth
You were only waiting for this moment to praise Trump

Blackburn lie, Blackburn lie,
Into the light of the dark Trump night.
Blackburn lying in the dead of night
Take these lying lips and learn to speak
All the truth

You were only waiting for your moment to tell lies
Blackburn lie, Blackburn lie
Into the light of the dark Trump night.
All your life

You were only waiting for this moment to tell lies
You were only waiting for this moment to tell lies
You were only waiting for this moment to tell lies

Sorry Ms. Blackburn.

Sorry that I had to use this song to mock your foolish, lying behavior.

Let us examine Alan Dershowitz's "multiple motive" theory.

First, I am not a lawyer, nor am I a Constitutional scholar. Fox News will never have me as a guest to explain the intricacies of the House impeachment case against Donald Trump. So please take all of what I write as my personal, common sense opinion of this novel theory put forth by Alan Dershowitz. The multiple motive theory.

Allow me to present a very few examples, and please, DU readers, tell me how this appears to you.

Yes, your Honor, I did rob that bank, but my child needed an operation and I had no money.

Yes, your Honor, I did steal that car, but I really needed to get to the airport to meet my elderly mother.

Yes, your Honor, I did shoot my neighbor's dog, but he (the dog, not the neighbor) would not stop barking.

Did Dershowitz really expect to be taken seriously when he spoke this nonsense?

East Virginia Blues

Appalachia blue posted a version with Bob Dylan and the Scruggs family.

This is my favorite version.

Auschwitz at 75: From sorrow to song

From the article:

The 20th century Jewish theologian Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote, “There are three ways in which we respond to sorrow. On the first level, we cry; on the second level, we are silent; on the highest level, we take sorrow and turn it into song.”

These responses to tragedy mirror how Jews have responded to the Holocaust over the past seven decades, from overwhelming grief to numbed silence. Now, as we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz (Jan. 27), the time has come to turn the sorrow into song — in a sense, to embrace Auschwitz.

Let me be clear: There was nothing good about the Holocaust. What happened during the period of Nazi hegemony over Europe was the nadir of human history. No other event is remotely comparable. It is difficult to conceive of an atrocity so maliciously designed and meticulously carried out on so vast a scale.....

When Jews invoke Auschwitz, the world listens — because we were there. Many hate us for that, especially if they fetishize fascism. Others admire us. But everyone listens. Let us sing.

To read more:


And in 2020, in the IL 3rd Congressional District, an open and unapologetic Nazi is once again running for Congress. In 2018, this Holocaust denying fool received over 56,000 votes from the self described well informed GOP values voters in that District.

Controversial comedy 'Faith Based' pokes fun at Christian films -- to a point

From the article:

It has all the ingredients of a faith-based blockbuster: an astronaut who finds God after she’s pushed to her limits.
And space monsters.
But you won’t find “A Prayer in Space” in theaters soon.
The fictional Christian film plays a central role in “Faith Based,” a new satirical film about the Christian film industry that premiered this past weekend at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

To read more:


My favorite film in this genre is, of course, "Life of Brian".
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