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Trump can just pardon Barr if they hold him in contempt

They already tested the theory of law with Joe Arpaio.


Bob and Bill are good friends

Bob and Billís wives are even more so.
Bob was at both of Billís daughters weddings.
Bob worked for Bill for years in DOJ.
Rod hired Bob.
Rod works for Bill.
All three belong to the same church.
All three belong to the same political party.

Those three may turn on anyone else but they will not turn on each other. Bill and to a degree Rodís summery released today will stand. The 6e testimony will be redacted before Congress sees the report which is a bulk of it. It will be further sanatized of anything they can claim is classified before you see it.

The what comes next is going to be even worse. Right now three letter agencies just got new orders from an emboldened narcissist go after everyone.

Before I get to revved up over any candidate

I do want to say I donít care who or what their main issues are. I want to remind myself donít get hung up on a flaw or a different opinion about something. Donít allow myself to get drug off into the weeds over something I agree 80-90% with. I want to remind myself I will not do the work for the other side in anyway shape or form. I am a member of the Democratic Party and an American. It is my job to help retake the Senate and grow the House and once and for all remove that stain in the Oval Office. I will not fail.

The Way of the Gun generation?

I went to a squadron reunion this year on base. What struck me as I spoke with the young sailors was what their world view is. Most of them were 1-3 years old when September 11th happened and have never known peace time. Think about that these (hate to say kids because it shows my age) grew up in a world that has always had the U.S. in a shooting war. All there formative years watching news stories of casualties and firefights and yes video games the most popular like Call of Duty. They are ďThe Way of The GunĒ generation they see violence as normal. I donít hide the fact I own many firearms but I donít think I look at them the same way the younger ones do. Most wars in our history have been 0-5 years with generally peace afterward and an understanding how devastatingly horrific war is. Iím kinda rambling about my thoughts but I really worry what are the consequences of a war that spans so many years? Reflectively what have we done to these kids?

Remembering Anita Hill

Two things really stood out to me having watched both sets of hearings now.

One Dr. Ford wore blue immediately bringing back memories of a strong woman testifying about a SC nominee.

Two the placement of the Coke label to the camera wow what a statement that younger people might miss the significance of. See there was a whole segment covered by Mrs. Hill about Thomas joking about pubic hairs on her Coke can that was out of line.

Also as I think about it more Cosby was the spokesman for Coke at one time as well.

For starters how about a strong message

In the military we had a provision that any offense that involved alcohol was then labeled an alcohol related offense regardless of the issue. This automatically triggered stiffer penaltyís even if the alcohol per se did not contribute to the offense.

If we could get something similar passed concerning firearms where not matter the offense if a firearm is present very stiff penalties are imposed. Make to the point nobody wants a firearm near them.

Traffic stop due to speeding $250.00 fine - firearm in the vehicle add $2000.00. Force those that choose to carry to the highest standards. Road rage incident whatever the normal penalty- firearm present even if not involved add 1 year jail ineligible for probation. Second firearm related incident make them ineligible to possess Federally. Third strike and 20 years minimum.

I am open to discussing this idea.

Trump the Stock Market and Mueller

When the Brian Ross story hit the airwaves it triggered a reaction on Wall Street. In all a slight burp of 350 points or so out of 24,000. My question is because of that reaction will that factor into the investigation? Are the people in the investigation far enough removed from the stock market that they do what is right? People have a funny way of deciding what is right if there is a chance it costs them money.

A broader question is does the market tank when all is known and the Dolt is removed or does the bubble pop?

What songs seem to pop into your head as you follow the corruption?

Am I the only person who relates things to music nearly always.

The song in my head all day yesterday was ďPapa donít PreachĒ Iím in trouble deep lol. Relating to Papodopolis

What songs do you hear in your head over all this?

The nuclear effect in the Senate

Senate Democrats took the dramatic step Thursday of eliminating filibusters for most nominations by presidents, a power play they said was necessary to fix a broken system but one that Republicans said will only rupture it further.

Democrats used a rare parliamentary move to change the rules so that federal judicial nominees and executive-office appointments can advance to confirmation votes by a simple majority of senators, rather than the 60-vote supermajority that has been the standard for nearly four decades.

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