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Member since: Tue Mar 17, 2015, 12:56 PM
Number of posts: 6,409

About Me

I am a disgruntled former DU member. Most people here are fine, but the site is ruined by zealous Hillary supporters. DU took my money and put my account on everlasting review. Cowards. Dishonest cowards.

Journal Archives

I predict a new conspiracy story.

The Bowling Green massacre was covered up to protect Muslims, and the victims were removed at night, cremated at a secret FEMA camp, families paid hush money, etc.

All or nothing on Gorsuch

And I'm thinking it will have to be nothing, voting to confirm him, caving in. Here's why.

We could oppose every nominee who is not Merrick Garland. I would be very much in favor of doing so if we were a stronger party. As we know, it's difficult to get more than a handful of Democrats to mount meaningful opposition to anything coming from a right wing administration. I cannot imagine congressional Democrats sustaining a fight like this over the next two years, assuming we could even get the fight started in the first place. There is already talk of confirming Gorsuch to avoid the nuclear option, which is probably coming anyway, so I guess we're running from the fight before the bully even appears. Not encouraging.

And Gorsuch is not the worst they can throw at us. I can almost guarantee rejecting him will result in somebody worse. We would be faced with fighting a string of nominees, each one worse than the previous candidate. I just don't see how we could sustain that.

A message from Lucy, our national bird.

Hi, everyone. Lucy the Eagle here. On behalf of myself and my husband Ricky, happy inauguration. I am a little troubled by some of what I saw on TV today, so I thought I should make a couple comments. Yes, I watch TV. Eagles have pretty good vision, and we can see into several houses from our favorite perching spot.

A while back, I saw one of my fellow eagles take a little nip at your new president, and I wanted to give a shout-out to my boy and say, "Way to be on guard." From what I have seen of the orange haired guy, we would all do well to maintain a watchful attitude. There are several things that bother me, but what bugs me the most, and Ricky agrees with me here, is all this talk about patriotism. Since people so often associate us with patriotism, and use our image to invoke feelings of patriotism, both genuine and phony, we were a touch upset by seeing how many times "patriotism" scrolled across the screen as we watched the subtitles.

It seems to us the notion of patriotism is being called up to suggest we need to tear down much of what has been done over the years. Frankly, we're pretty happy DDT residue no longer causes me to lay defective eggs, and we had two lovely children last season. True, an osprey sneaked in and grabbed one of them, but we're not blaming Obamacare for that. Ospreys happen, you know? But I digress.

Watching this big event, even though not that well attended, we got the impression the humans are being called to do some things in our name with which we might not agree. I already mentioned pesticides, but we also enjoy flying in clean skies, fishing in clean water, being protected from mentally deficient rednecks with guns, not losing all our habitat, and watching all the nice people who stop by every day to take photos of us. It's our feeling that you're a pretty good group, and we would hate to see you foul your own nest, so to speak. The new president spoke as if there is some kind of civil war going on in your country. Well, it's our country, too, of course, especially since we were here before you set up a national government, but you're responsible for running things. Please don't do anything to yourselves that will mess up all our lives, yours and ours. We like this place, and the last 30 or 40 years have been good for us. We get jumpy when we hear this rather pleasant existence described as something akin to Armageddon, and shouts of "Throw her in prison!" are not good for our nerves.

So just be careful, OK? Keep an eye on this new guy. From what we've seen, he can't be trusted around eagles, and we hear he gets grabby with female humans, too.

Thanks for listening.

Your friend, Lucy.

Mosque attack on Canadian TV

Source: Al Jazeera

Just caught the end of a short mention. No details yet. Hope link works.

Read more: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=/amp/www.aljazeera.com/amp/news/2017/01/quebec-mosque-attack-170130031548892.html&ved=0ahUKEwiwyK7kmenRAhVjx1QKHQ0qCTcQqUMIHDAA&usg=AFQjCNGMd2qU18xVtu0UqRKHqdpquYLgEw&sig2=RAhFaM6OH-kTyEo6WeEkwQ

Target list. Which programs will they attack?

I know of a couple they really hate. Job Corps, Americorps, Peace Corps, Head Start, National Endowment for the Arts, Public Broadcasting. Other suggestions?

Trump screws Canada auto workers.

Big Three auto makers are in bed with Trump and his mandate not to move US jobs to Mexico, but they can move Canadian jobs to Mexico, and they wasted no time getting started. GM already announced it will move one plant from Canada to Mexico, with more to follow. So if you're in Canada and somebody goes off on you, yelling at you for electing an asshole, it might be an auto worker.

Our evolution on wall thinking

Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

Mr. Pena Nieto, pay for my wall!

TV news showing Trump's confab with auto makers.

They seem to be kissing him on every part of his person. I'm sure they're thrilled about finally killing off the unions forever.

Canadian TV almost calls Spicer a liar.

They showed Spicer claiming this inauguration was attended by more people than any other inauguration in our history. "But that is not true," said the TV reporter. Interesting they didn't let somebody else refute Spicer, but they did it themselves. Did the US news outlets do this?

Canadian news not waffling

Some of the marchers told interviewers, "This is not JUST an antiTrump rally." But it's clear a big purpose is to oppose Trump. TV news on Canada is reporting it as primarily an event to protest Trump and his policies.
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