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Member since: Tue Mar 17, 2015, 12:56 PM
Number of posts: 6,409

About Me

I am a disgruntled former DU member. Most people here are fine, but the site is ruined by zealous Hillary supporters. DU took my money and put my account on everlasting review. Cowards. Dishonest cowards.

Journal Archives

Morning Joe hammering Trump

I only see this show once every six months or so, and I don't know the general slant of things there, but they are hammering on Trump this morning. They pretty much declared he will lose big unless he backs off the crazy rhetoric.

Of course the Orlando shooting will be politicized.

I guess it would be nice if it could be avoided, but there are too many public policies involved to let them go by. Gun control, national security, immigration and religion are those that come immediately to mind. When 50 people are gunned down in cold blood, we have to consider what to do about it. Of course, most of the political discussion will be crass and unproductive, and that's the part we hate, all the usual suspects stepping in front of the TV camera to tell us they were right, and we should have listened to them, and it's all the fault of (insert opponent here).

Part loyalty, closing ranks, and all that.

If the Republicans can close ranks around Donald Trump, we should be able to come together and support Hillary Clinton. Many mainstream Republicans are truly revolted by Trump, but they are saying they support him because the possibility of President Hillary is too terrible to contemplate. They are backing Trump because they fear Hillary, and for no other reason. The only reason we would not do the same as they are doing is if we do not fear Trump, if we think he is not enough of a threat that we would burn some votes to punish our party for failing to nominate Bernie. While I can sympathize with that, I don't think there's a good case for that course of action for two reasons: (1) Clinton is not that bad, and (2) Trump is. Under different circumstances, I could support sending a message to the party, but not this time.

We can stop now.

My fellow Sandernistas, you can stop with the revelations of scandals, and the implications they will allow Trump to defeat Clinton. They won't. If Trump is able to seriously threaten Clinton, it will not be because her scandals are worse than his scandals.

Hillary supporters, your cut-and-paste campaign of articles purporting to show that Bernie never was a serious candidate are nothing more than gratuitous, or gloating, or gratuitous gloating. Sanders is no longer a threat to Clinton, and dwelling on the problems of his campaign and insulting his supporters will only lose Democratic votes.

I could go on at length, but there's nothing more to say. Thank you.

Mainstream media will have fun with Trump.


Let the fun begin! I know we're worried about them making too much of the email scandal, but that's only one scandal. If the accounts are even half accurate, Trump has cheated hundreds, maybe thousands, of people over the years. He bankrupted several different enterprises, leaving a trail of ruin in his wake. Better yet, he acted like an egotistical jerk about everything. And his daughter seems to be joining in, supporting the idea he daddy has the right, perhaps even the obligation, to penalize the little people for displeasing him. It's just too perfect.

Why am I a hateful neanderthal?

I support Bernie Sanders. Therefore, I yell at children, make harrassing phone calls, threaten to kill super delegates, etc. I can't remember doing any of these things, but they are happening, and Sanders supporters (aka Bernie Bros) are credited with everything bad that happens, plus a few things that didn't happen. God, what a bunch of socialist creeps we are!

Lesser of two evils poll

OK, Sanders insulted Clinton by suggesting she is the lesser of two evils, or at least many people see her that way because she has high negatives in polls. How does this strike you?

Please ask the hosts to stop locking things as off topic.

Some of the hosts are locking GD threads if they have any vague connection to the primaries, even though they are not about the primaries. Yes, everything is connected to everything else, but some of the hosts are locking GD threads if the names of Sanders or Clinton appear in the OP. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds, and all that. Thank you.

Fear of a violent convention

In 1968, the Democratic convention was a chaotic free-for-all. There was violence in the streets, and some pushing and shoving on the convention floor. Our party leadership seems worried that Sanders supporters might attend the convention with the intent to "start something." This is why the chair throwing, or non chair throwing, is such a big deal right now. The DNC wants everything to go smoothly, but it doesn't seem likely. There are going to be some people very, very upset about Clinton getting the nomination, and handling dissent and protest isn't something our party leaders enjoy. So far, they have shown little interest in hearing the criticisms, not just from Sanders supporters now, but from unhappy Democrats over the past 30 years. If all the pent-up frustration boils over at the convention, we could have a replay of 1968.

Abortion right question for Clinton supporters

Here is something I saw in the Hillary group.

I will continue to be loud, rude and bitchy until every woman in this country has access to contraception and abortion rights. And I will bitch until that is a reality. HILLARY 2016!

I understand Clinton supports a ban on third trimester abortions. Is this adequate support for abortion rights? Your thoughts?
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