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Member since: Tue Mar 17, 2015, 12:56 PM
Number of posts: 6,409

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I am a disgruntled former DU member. Most people here are fine, but the site is ruined by zealous Hillary supporters. DU took my money and put my account on everlasting review. Cowards. Dishonest cowards.

Journal Archives

Colored glasses

There is a post suggesting we go take a look at the Clinton Foundation. As I was looking at all the good stuff they do, it occurred to me most people will reach one of two conclusions. Those who support Clinton will think, "Wow! Look at all this selfless, generous work they're doing to improve our society!" Others will conclude, "This is terrible! She's taking money from corporate interests and using it to buy political loyalty."

In fact, the truth probably lies somewhere in between, and many DUers would admit this if it were not primary election time. A couple people have taken time-outs. Others have posted comments about circular firing squads, etc. Intensity is a good thing when supporting the candidate of your choice, but it does tend to push many people toward places they would not be if they weren't invested in a candidate. I know it's useless to ask people to curb their enthusiasm right now, but there will be a day when this part is over, and we turn our attention to the general election. I hope we can promise ourselves that we will neither gloat excessively, nor trample sour grapes. Don't want to discourage anybody. Just thinking ahead a little bit.

Interesting ads appear here

I suppose ads are targeted to the individual, according to the various cookies left lying around, but I notice the ads I get when here on DU are exactly the opposite of what I would expect. The NRA has offered me a free knife, a free duffel bag and some other thing I can't remember if I join now. Ben Carson wants some money for his campaign. So does Scott Walker. I'm guessing it's because I read something about the NRA, Carson, Walker, etc. and google them for more information. The ad targeting software then associates me, DU and the subject of my inquiry. Does anyone know? Is that how it works? Just curious.

Liberals invade Texas

The US Army, known to be a bunch of gay liberal immigrant atheists, is invading Texas. Here is something I found. I think it's from the AP, but I don't know. Anyway, it's nice we have some diversity of thought and opinion in our country. I'm just not sure dissent has to be accompanied by weapons. I don't think this violates the "no conspiracy theory" prohibition. These guys seem to think there's a conspiracy, alright, but they need some extra time to come up with a theory. Edit: I guessed correctly. Some further digging reveals it's by Paul Webber of the Associated Press. And I snipped it to avoid copyright infringement problems.

BASTROP, Texas No citizens were rounded up and imprisoned at Wal-Mart. Tanks didn't rumble down city streets in a declaration of martial law.

Eric Johnston wore his handgun on his hip Wednesday, but didn't really believe soldiers participating in one of the largest U.S. military training exercises in history were coming to confiscate it.

Still, he was ready if Jade Helm 15 came to the worst.

"I would like to think that if the situation were to turn afoul, many more of our people would stand up and come to assist," said Johnston, a retired Arizona sheriff's deputy and the Texas organizer of a national group called Counter Jade Helm.


Bastrop Mayor Ken Kesselus has spent weeks trying to dampen impressions that his city of 8,000 people is a hive of "wackos and conspiracy theorists."

"The last few weeks I've had 22 calls. One was from a guy in South Texas who thinks (President Barack) Obama is a communist, a Muslim and evil person and wanted me to warn everybody to hold onto their guns," Kesselus said. "The other 21 calls were from press."

To play off Rilgin's idea...

It is becoming a problem that some people are using the group concept to float critical posts without risking any criticism. Some very uncomplimentary posts originate with the groups, then appear as a latest thread or greatest thread, due to the excessive K&R from within the group. In other words, some people are manipulating the system to hide in a safe place and throw bombs at the opponents. I think this is cowardly and dishonest. It may conform to the rules of the group, as the rules have evolved, but it does not reflect well on Democratic Underground.

My suggestion is that uncomplimentary posts about an opponent be subject to copying to GD: primaries. I am absolutely not suggesting any form of banning, blocking, etc. Instead, a jury could decide whether or not to make a copy of the post and put it on general discussion. The original poster could be contacted to see if he or she would agree to put a copy on GD, before it was done "by force."

I know the groups have evolved as safe, warm places where everyone can agree with each other. That's fine, but now they're being used as shields against criticism, where a few people like to hide and lob insults out into the larger audience. If they want to do so, they should be prepared to receive criticism of their efforts, within the general rules for DU conduct, of course.

I'm going to be blocked

Sooner or later. I just know it. I got blocked from the Clinton group yesterday, and it's probably just a matter of time until I get blocked from the Sanders group, too. Here's how it happened, and why it will happen here, too.

Even though I'm a Sanders supporter, I sometimes drop in and post something in the Clinton group. I try to be nice, complementing Clinton when she does something good, like speaking up for unions the other day. I knew it couldn't last, and it didn't. One of the Clinton supporters took that chart showing Clinton getting big money from financial institutions and explained how it was all a lie. I won't go into the details, but it was total crap, a spin doctor effort worthy of Karl Rove. I couldn't restrain myself. I made a sarcastic comment, and they banned me. Which is fair, since I'm a Sanders supporter, not a Clinton supporter. They don't need me in their comfy little echo chamber.

The problem with the candidate groups, particularly during the primary season, is they have ceased to be groups, and become fortresses. The combatants who are afraid to venture onto the field of General Discussion can stay inside the fort and hurl flaming tar balls at the other fort. The post appears as it would in General Discussion, but nobody can criticize it. I think this is cowardly and dishonest. If you have something to say about the other candidate, say it in GD and let everyone comment on it. If I post here, in the Sanders group, saying Clinton does quid pro quo with the big banks, I will get mostly agreement. If I post the same thing in GD, the responses will be quite different. But I would make such a post in GD, because everyone deserves an opportunity to let me know how they feel about my post, and there is a chance someone will make an intelligent defense. A small chance, a small and rapidly diminishing chance, but still...

Anyway, it's going to happen to me here, just as it did over there. Someone is going to post something that turns the truth on its head, and it will find its way into Latest Threads, and I simply will not be able to restrain myself. I will make some snide comment and be banished from the island. Don't worry. It will not diminish my enthusiasm for Sanders. I can hardly believe someone is running for president who is a democratic socialist and a progressive, as I have been for 35 years. Believe me, it's lonely out here, as most of you can appreciate.

Scotty and Sarah, non-finishers

Just as Sarah Palin left the governor's office before finishing her term, Scott Walker left college before getting a degree. Scott Walker did not finish college, even though part of his spiel now is encouraging young people to finish and get degrees. Here are some snips from a Milwaukee Journal article when Walker ran for governor.

Madison If elected to the state's top job this fall, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker would become the first Wisconsin governor in 64 years who doesn't have a college degree, breaking the mold of the current crop of governors nationally.


Walker declined to release his transcripts, but his campaign said he had a grade-point average of 2.59, in the C's. He had just established status as a senior when he left after four years of mostly full-time coursework at Marquette University.Walker's supporters - and even some of his detractors - say it shouldn't matter that he didn't attain a degree.


Walker, for his part, has said at times that he wished he could finish so his children would see that he had followed through. He said in an interview he should be judged on his record of keeping taxes down in Milwaukee County rather than whether he finished college.


Just three of the country's 50 sitting governors fell short of a college degree, a review of biographies shows. Most of the graduates have an advanced degree, typically a law degree.


The next governor will be in charge of the budget for the University of Wisconsin System and the state's technical schools. The governor also appoints the regents who oversee the system.


Asked how he performed in school, Walker said: "I'd have to go back. That was 20 years ago. I mean, I had some classes I was more interested in than others, I suppose."

You can tell he's just lying, claiming he doesn't remember how he did in school because it was twenty years ago. What crap. I remember my classes, how well or poorly I did in most of them, my GPA, etc. from 25 tears ago. He was apathetic about college, obviously, and saw an opportunity to be a rising star in the GOP political universe by bashing public employees. Perhaps this helps explain his hatred for teachers, public education, and the university system. I believe he is one of those guys who sees himself as the protagonist in an Ayn Rand novel probably Hank Reardon from Atlas Shrugged. Well, Scotty, if that's how you see yourself, you're not alone. Every other geek loser sees himself as Hank Reardon, too. Welcome to the club. Quitter.

Cuban Embassy announced

I just heard a radio clip of the president announcing we will establish an embassy in Havana. Of course, they will have one here too. Thanks, Mr. President. Something that should have been done 30 years ago. We just needed a president with the courage to do it.
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