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Fritz Walter

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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2015, 07:08 PM
Number of posts: 4,015

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A "frothy" suggestion

Since the former senator from Pennsylvania announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination earler today, the spreading Santorum link has slid -- oozed -- down a couple pages when one tries to Google "santorum."

It's our public duty to reverse that trend. Please go to a clean Google.com page and type in that key word. When the results come up, please scroll or page down until you find the link to the appropriate page. Then click on it.


And encourage others to do likewise.

Our country needs you. Now!

Thank you!

Ken Burns: "Black Lives Matter!" at Wash U Commencement

This video is worth 21 minutes of your life:

He opens with a paraphrased quote from Mark Twain: "It's not that the world is filled with fools. It's just that lightning isn't distributed right."

The truth doesn't end there. He draws insight from ancient to modern history -- including recent events in Ferguson MO and North Charleston SC before he challenges the graduating seniors to reject fundamentalism and prejudice, and to keep history from repeating itself.

Full transcript here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ken-burns/commencement-address-at-washington-university-in-st-louis_b_7306636.html

Fanklin Graham is coming to town...

... there goes the neighborhood!

The Greater Jacksonville Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham will occur next weekend, and with all the billboards, yard-signs and other expensive promotional items and activities in ethnic neighborhoods, you'd think it was the second coming of his imaginary friend. Right here on the big chrome buckle on the nation's bible belt -- even though the buckle is almost entirely hidden by a morbidly distended gut (AKA Dunlap's Disease).

I use the term "friend" loosely. From his recent statements on Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Robert Gates vis-a-vis the latter's position on gay Scout leaders, our President, and -- of course -- Muslims and the threat of Sharia Law, I wonder if the "friendship" isn't a bit one-sided.

Has anybody else endured a similar Festival of Nope?
What really happens at these gigs, and how have the non-ovine community members responded?
Should I start making picket signs ("Love thy neighbor...", "Judge not..."?
Should I feed juicy news reports to the non-mainstream media outlets here on how these festivals are funded and organized?

Or is this just the 21st Century version of an old-fashioned tent revival, and by calling attention attention to it, I'd be giving the organizers that much more free publicity?

This just in: GOP POTUS candidates' stated positions on legalization

From the article it wasn't clear whether or not they were asked the logical follow-up question: "How much in campaign contributions are you accepting from Big Pharma (the industry that has the most to lose if Cannabis is legalized)?"

Thanks, HuffPo! That clears things up!
Posted by Fritz Walter | Wed May 6, 2015, 01:25 PM (6 replies)
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